FFXIV Followup On Guild Houses

I’m all-in on FFXIV at the moment so get ready for wall-to-wall FFXIV posts this week!

Last time I wrote that Square Enix wouldn’t do much about their guild housing prices unless people didn’t buy them. After I wrote that, they backed off a bit on their ridiculous prices, but not by much. Out of curiosity, I snooped around the guild housing areas to see just how many of the plots had been bought up already, because I assumed people would buy them no matter how much they cost or how much mindless grinding they had to do.

Looks like I was dead wrong. As of this writing (Jan 8), only three plots have been purchased on my server, one in each of the three areas. So I guess there aren’t very many rich guilds on my server.

On the positive side, if Square Enix sticks to their guns, this might be a good way to scope out potential guilds you want to join. You could check to see if a prospective guild has a house to see if they are “legit” enough for you.

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