Congrats Blauggers!

251 wc

I just wanted to drop in and say congratulations to everyone participating in Blaugust: Belghast’s challenge to post every day during August.

Clearly, I’m not participating, because I’m being a lazy bum this summer. Would that Blaugust had occurred in Blarch or Blay or Blune.

Even if I hadn’t taken a vacation, my daily schedule has been turned upside-down so much that I’m struggling to find the right way to write anymore. The carefully constructed, complicated routine I used to use is out the window now. Now when I want to write something, I just sit down, open up WordPress in whatever computer happens to be nearby, and write. But it feels extremely weird to write that way.

I guess I’m more used to my actions being dictated by the circumstances I find myself in, rather than changing my circumstances to fit the actions I want to take. If that makes any sense. For example, previously, if I found myself sitting around in a quiet part of the day and had access to a computer, I would start writing to pass the time. Now, being at home all day, virtually every moment of the day is quiet, and I have limitless distractions at my fingertips. I have to make a much more determined, conscious effort to set aside time and put myself into a writing frame of mind. After almost three weeks I’m only just starting to get a handle on it.

But that’s not your problem. Go forth and Blaug!

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