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I stumbled onto this thing called the Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI). I found it by reading a post on a blog called Inventory Full, which is an awesome blog name, by the way. That post, which referenced a bunch of other blogs, got me thinking that I didn’t have enough MMORPG gaming blogs in my feed reader, so I went and added a bunch. Then, when I looked over the recent posts on all of those different blogs, they all had one thing in common (besides MMORPGs): The Newbie Blogger Initiative.

So there’s this initiative. And it’s for newbie bloggers. But not just any newbie bloggers, you see-newbie bloggers on gaming. Wow, I thought to myself, that’s what I am! This initiative is for me! It’s a sign that I’m destined for greatness!

Technically I’m not a newbie blogger, but nevertheless, with this very post, I am starting a new “brand” for my blog about gaming, and I am calling it Endgame Viable.

You may recognize me from my previous gaming blog Melanthius. (Probably not, though.) Before that, you may have seen me … well, probably not anywhere. The Internet is huge.

If you haven’t ever visited an MMORPG forum then you are probably thinking to yourself, “Endgame Viable? That’s not even a phrase. That’s just two random words.” Ah! But that’s the genius of it. Genius I tell you! It says, “Hey, this guy has been around MMORPGs for a while.” It also says, “This guy might make fun of a certain class of MMORPG players.” It also simultaneously says, “Holy crap if this blog gets popular it’s going to come up in a lot of search results.” Or possibly, “You know, this blog is always going to be pushed to page sixteen of Google search results because every MMO forum has one hundred posts with that in the title.” Well that’s just a chance I’ll have to take. Because I love the name, and I already got the domain name and Twitter handle.

So hi! I’m one of them there gaming bloggers. I am most prolific at writing about MMORPGs, because for some reason, MMOs inspire a lot of writing. I don’t why that is, but I’m not the only one who does it. I guess it’s because you always see something interesting in MMOs that you want to tell someone about, even though you know in your heart that nobody you know really gives a crap about what you saw in a stupid video game because everyone knows video games are stupid, but you know there must be people out there who might like to know what you saw even if you’ve never met anyone like that, because you have read other people writing about MMOs, and you thought it was highly entertaining.

So that’s why I write this blog. It’s a desperate bid for attention, to be honest. I’m sure it’s the same for anyone else who has ever written anything about anything, ever, or really, participated in any form of artistic expression, ever.

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