Rift Song of Dreams – Where Is It?

273 words.

I got an email from Trion saying that the Rift Song of Dreams patch 2.5 was live, so I eagerly patched up and logged in. What I saw was … nothing. Nothing looked different in Tempest Bay, so I checked my mail to get what I was sure would be a nice invitation to participate in the cool new Mini-Saga and … there was no mail. I knew all the action was supposed to happen on Ember Isle so I took the nearest porticulum over there and … nothing was happening. Nothing was coming out of the ocean, nobody was running around in zergs, nothing changed on the map, no new quest indicators, nothing. Okay, well, Rift is f2p now so maybe I have to buy something to get started on all the fun, so I looked in the store and there was … nothing. All this new content would be right on the front page of the store, right? So there’s no way I could have missed it. But there was nothing there but a dinosaur mount. Next I thought maybe a “Mini-Saga” is something like a Chronicle, so I checked my list of Chronicles and found … nothing. (Though I did find a couple I hadn’t done before.)

So at this point I’m wondering where the heck is my Song of Dreams underwater extravaganza? Trion is usually awesome in every way (except when they fire people and scale down their best MMO), but I’ve got to give them a ding on this one. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do or where to find my breadcrumbs to get started.

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