Book 3, Chapter 5, Part II of III

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When I logged back into LotRO for the first time in a long time, I remembered one of the main reasons I stopped playing:

On the outside looking in...

It was Book 3, Chapter 5, Part II of III. I’ve probably been stuck on that quest for well over a year. It says you can do it solo, but I was facerolled every time.

Lies! The Elf-stone's inspiration is no help at all.

I finally went out to YouTube and found a video of someone soloing it. In the video, the guy hit the Elf-stone like I always do, then he moved forward a little bit, and then suddenly his health and mana quadrupled! What de hell! Mine never did that!

Next time I logged in, I did exactly what I saw in the video. Stand where it says “this is a good place to use the stone.” Hit the Elf-stone. Your guy kneels for a second but nothing seems to happen. Then I moved forward a little bit until it says “this is NOT a good place to use the stone.” Then, magically for no apparent reason, my health zoomed way up like I saw in the video. Then I had no trouble with any of the elite mobs.

Take that you vile vicious Tarkrip.

Of course, I went the wrong way and my health dropped back down and I got killed. I revived myself and ran back outside so I could do the Elf-stone again, except that when I tried it, following the exact same steps, it didn’t work. Ugh. What a super annoying quest.

The next time I logged in, I finally did it!

Standing victorious over my nemesis's corpse.


Woohoo! Success at last!

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