Aion – Surprise, It's PvP

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In playing Aion again, I made a shocking* discovery: It’s open world PvP! I had no idea. I always thought the PvP was voluntary. But nope, I found out the hard way when I was out in Morheim. I got killed by some guy on a skateboard in like four shots. I didn’t even realize it was another player until I was almost dead. Well that sure puts a new spin on things.

I’ve been enjoying Aion quite a lot lately. Leveling seems faster now than the glacial pace it used to be. I made a Gunslinger (one of the new classes) which was pretty fun until around level 17 when I kept getting killed because it has no defenses. Then I pulled out my dusty old Spiritmaster again and slowly worked out all of the problems I was having with him and finished off all the campaigns in Altgard. Then I went to Morheim and bam. Ganked while minding my own business. No more carebear play for me I guess.

But you really don’t lose anything when you’re killed by another player, so even the PvP is pretty carebear. You just lose some time running back from the soul stone (or whatever Aion calls it). So it’s actually not that big of a deal. It was only shocking in its unexpectedness. Now that I know there are these things called “Rifts” that let players from the other faction come in and kill me, I’ll just have to pay more attention.

* Shocking in that everyone knew it was PvP except me.

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