WildStar, ArcheAge, and Landmark

Some random news bits.

I pre-ordered WildStar, which now allows me to finally play in the beta. By the way I did sign up for the beta many, many long months ago, but they never invited me. They thought they could keep me out, but who’s laughing now?

Trion is apparently hoping to get ArcheAge out this year (2014). That would be super. I hope it’s after summer, though, so that I can be sufficiently bored with WildStar before it comes out. http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/03/16/trion-cm-confirms-f2p-archeage-says-earned-and-crafted-items-a/

Landmark is going into beta next week. I’m having a hard time not feeling like SOE is ripping people off with this product (and by people, I mean me). The biggest feature they added to the game during alpha was a store where you can spend Station Cash. And by the way, after the latest patch, I can’t even run the game any more. Each new version gets buggier, while they continue to avoid adding sorely-lacking gameplay features. http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/03/20/everquest-next-landmark-adds-in-parties-mail-and-teleports/

2 thoughts on “WildStar, ArcheAge, and Landmark”

  1. I have to admit having problems with a headline I saw announcing that Landmark was going into “Closed Beta.” What does that even mean when you have already dropped the NDA and had an “opt-in for cash” Alpha? Sounds more like “Cash Alpha” moves to “Cash Beta.”

  2. To be fair, Landmark did another patch and now I can run it again. :) But still there’s no way this game is ready for beta. Unless they do something drastically different soon, I don’t see how this can be interpreted as anything but a textbook example of a game company doing a cash grab.

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