Why I Didn’t Buy H1Z1 For $10

H1Z1 is one of those early access games that I have a mild interest in playing, if for no other reason than that it looks pretty. In the recent Steam sale, it was discounted 50% to $9.99, which is under that magic $10 mark where I will buy just about anything in any condition. I hovered over the Buy button…

But then I started to think.

I wondered what my reward would be for buying now–what cool stuff I would get after the game launches. How many “credits” or “gems” or “zombie points” I would get, what costumes or guns I would get, what titles I would get, etc. Because obviously there should be some tangible incentives for me to buy a game that’s buggy and broken and not finished.

So I went looking. And looking. And looking. And found… nothing. There is no indication on the official web site that H1Z1 will ever launch, let alone any listings of post-launch rewards I might get for buying now. The web site gives every indication that the game is live now, and you’re buying a finished product now, and the whole “early access” thing isn’t important at all. In fact, it might even be a feature.

So I didn’t buy it, even for that measly $10.

4 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Buy H1Z1 For $10”

  1. Yeah, if you have some friends that you want to jump in with, it is probably worth the $10… or even the $20… for a couple weeks worth of fun. But in playing it, it feels like it would get very dull solo on one of the PvE servers, or very frustrating solo on PvP.

    I don’t regret buying it. I ran in with a large group from EVE, where it was fun/funny being on coms and figuring things out and just trying to survive. But I couldn’t recommend it unless you met some specific criteria. And it is clearly destined to be a lock-box hell hole should it ever finish and actually go free. All of that is already in place.

  2. As someone who bought it basically the day it released on Steam, I can say that you’ll get a dollar for dollar equivalent (perhaps more because of getting it on sale) of cash shop items (tickets and visual fluff stuff). After they did the first server wipe, anyone who had it got some special fluff gear. This might continue.

    They’re constantly adding new features and giving us a roadmap of things to come, and in my experience it’s not really buggy. It’s a pretty solid experience in my opinion. It was worth the full price, and definitely worth $10.

  3. I would probably get $10 or $20 worth of fun out of the game, but I guess I was put off by how Daybreak made no effort to inform the consumer of what they were getting.

  4. I don’t regret buying for the 20$ on the release day. I do regret DayZ however, because they have no contact with players where this game does all the time. There’s real give and take. I would buy H1Z1 again, for sure.

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