Invert Mouse Forever

Why doesn’t everyone use invert mouse? I simply cannot comprehend it. Yet informal polls show that only about 30% of people use invert mouse.

I choose the invert mouse setting because I want to mimic the controls of a flight simulator, which is pretty much the de-facto standard 3D environment control scheme. In a flight simulator (and presumably a real airplane), you push the stick forward to go down, and you pull the stick back to go up. So clearly when using a mouse, you should roll the mouse forward to aim down, and roll the mouse backward to aim up.

If you don’t use invert mouse, wouldn’t you get totally confused if you ever played a flying simulator? I know they don’t make them any more but they might come back into vogue one day and then where will you be? You’ll be the one looking for an invert mouse option and complaining that the game is unplayable when you can’t find it! What do you think of that?

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