GW2 – Gates of Magoo Can Bite Me

Note: The following ragey invective was written after dying a number of times during the GW2 Living Story 2 instance Fallen Hopes which I had hoped would be a fun way to kill some time while waiting to go to a doctor’s appointment. It was not. However, I have since completed it and moved on with my life.

Guys, there is not much room to maneuver in here.
There is not much room to maneuver in here, and Marjory and Kasmeer are NO HELP AT ALL.

This is a super-short note about Guild Wars 2: Gates of Magoo, or whatever it’s called, regarding the INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING story instance Fallen Hopes. I feel little or no desire to continue seeing a story unfold when I have to dodge super-strong area attacks all the time in a claustrophic environment that is so cluttered with rocks and logs that I can’t move around enough to dodge said attacks, thereby requiring me to die constantly, then leave said instance, find a repair guy in a totally different zone, then return to Dry Top, puzzle my way through a stupid, time-wasting jumping puzzle using stupid aspects that I hated the first time I saw them a year ago but are now inexplicably back to needlessly wipe out our ability bars and complicate our gaming, back to the entrance to the Fallen Hopes instance, where I then have to re-play endless scripted events and dialog that were only barely amusing the first time, and downright hair-ripping-outingly bad the second time when you can’t skip past them, only to get to the same super-strong area attacks that kill you again, so you can repeat the unpleasant experience again and again and again, just so you can see a stupid new Living Story. WHY DO I HAVE TO BE A LEET GAMER JUST TO SEE A STORY. STORIES ARE NOT GAMES. GAMES ARE GAMES. STORIES ARE STORIES. STORIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ACCESSIBLE.


4 thoughts on “GW2 – Gates of Magoo Can Bite Me”

  1. Ha! I felt the exact same way, and I hate that exact spot (and the one that immediately followed) from the screenshot. Making matters worse, when I had to close up in the middle of the experience, the next time I loaded it up I had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN because of a stupid checkpoint system.

  2. Yep. Not enough room to sprint when using the sprint aspects. Run right off things and it wasn’t my fault. : / And I was someone who liked aspects and played the aspect racing well last year. Really rough design, if you ask me.

    Also, my version of Fallen Hope bugged out on me. Once I finally finished it, it was stuck on 2/3 objectives. I went all over the map to try to find what I missed, only to eventually go to the forum, and see someone else who had this problem. The only way we got around it was to kill ourselves on purpose. Only then would the instance complete. ><

  3. Ha yeah I fell off a few cliffs too. Also I couldn’t remember how to use them and there were no refresher tutorials… It took me an embarrassingly long time to notice that my action bar had changed.

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