Getting Back Into MMORPGs

I’m having a hard time getting back into some MMORPGs I used to play.

FFXIV. First of course is FFXIV, the game that I have an active subscription for that’s draining my money while I avoid logging in. Every time I try to get back into it, I keep running into this roadblock–Heavensward is hard. Well, maybe hard isn’t the right word. More like tedious. I’m mired at level 53 in the Dravanian Forelands where it takes an hour to run from one side to the other for quests since I don’t have flying unlocked there yet.

Soloing in Heavensward seems to be significantly harder than I remember it being prior to 50. I never had my chocobo out before but now it’s practically mandatory, and if I take one wrong step in that southern area with all the bug people, I get killed and then it’s another hour-long trip to get back down there. It’s just not fun to play like that.

I’m over being a Miquote too. I want to use my Fantasia potion to switch to one of the big green hulks. But the idea of changing to another race and gender is a little disturbing–it feels like I would be erasing the accomplishments and even the memory of this character that’s been around for so long. I suppose that is the down side of having all classes available to one character. It would be better to start a new character but when I think of how long it would take to start from scratch it makes me cringe. There are no experience boost potions for sale or 12x experience weekends in subscription games.

Not to mention this outfit is considerably less cool than my pre-Heavensward outfit.
Not to mention that this outfit is considerably less cool than my pre-Heavensward outfit.

ESO. I’ve been wanting to get back into ESO and get my guy from level 40-something to 50, but after I patched it up (which took a glacially long time) and logged in, I remembered that all my skills had been reset at some point. A quick look at the skill tree thingys made me realize that I had no idea how to play the game anymore so I logged out immediately. I feel like I need to start a brand new character to re-learn how to spend my skill points.

WildStar. Then there is WildStar which I can’t even log into since it went free. I can log into the web page and manage my account fine but for some reason the same credentials don’t work in the game. It’s weird.

3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into MMORPGs”

  1. The gear at level 54 starts to look better again, and by 60 you’re looking just fine.

    The DF zone was a PITA until flying was unlocked — completely agree with you there. Oddly enough, the 1st time leveling up I felt like I needed the ‘bo out, but since then I’ve leveled Summoner, all 3 healers, all 3 tanks, and am now working on Bard and Machinist and I’m not “needing” to have the ‘bo out for mobs up to +1 levels, but I still “like” to have it out. And going up to +4 levels, it’s a requirement. +5 levels…. iffy. Sometimes i can pull it off, sometimes not.

    Maybe I’m just more familiar with the mobs now? But they don’t seem nearly as hard on the later classes. Go figure.

    FWIW, I believe that the climb to 60 is very worth it, for story, the dungeons, the raids that open up, the new skills…. I still love it.

  2. I kinda feel the same with those race, gender potions haha – like you are changing something fundamental about your character and partly erasing the experiences you had

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