Gearing Up For Blaugust

This past weekend I spent some time gearing up for Blaugust next month. It’s a little daunting because July has been a very light gaming month for me and there’s no reason to think next month won’t be the same. I’ve been pre-occupied with a lot of work stuff. So what the heck am I going to write about?

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One thing that I think will help me is giving myself permission to write shorter posts. I generally don’t feel like I’ve written enough unless I get to 500 words, but most of the time I don’t have that much to say about a topic. Thankfully this new Yoast SEO plugin that I’m using tells me my posts only need to be 300 words or more. And the Blaugust guidelines say I have to write ten sentences, which at the recommended average of 15-20 words per sentence comes out to 150-200 words, which is pretty short, but when you have nothing to say, it might as well be 10,000 words. (This post, as of this sentence, is still a bit shy of 200 words.)

So in conclusion, I will need to think of some creative ways to wrap-up posts with concluding sentences that extend the length of the post a little bit.

3 thoughts on “Gearing Up For Blaugust”

  1. Coming up with a micro-post here and there when I’ve not been gaming much due to real life is also going to be a challenge for me. Though I figure if I put in a few screenshots it’ll help inspire a few more sentences out of me. Good luck! Looking forward to reading all your posts! ^_^

  2. You’ll likely see Belghast provide several potential writing prompts throughout the month, along with any other users possibly offering their own prompts. None of these are required, and posts do not have to stick to merely gaming. Wanna discuss movies or books? Go ahead! Feel like sharing anything semi-personal? The ball is in your court.

    Gooood luck! :D

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