Every MMO Forum Thread

I just love how every single MMO forum thread goes something like this:

A. I don’t like this aspect of the game.

B. No, I think you’re complaining about nothing.

A. What are you retarded? Learn to read! I didn’t say I was complaining! You’re a total moron! You’re a scrub loser with a pathetic gear score, and you’re stupid! Can’t you even read? Rage rage rage.

B. Did you even bother to read my post? God you’re stupid and your post count is pathetic. You’re pathetic. Your mom thinks you’re pathetic. Rage rage rage rage rage.

A. Rage rage rage rage rage.

B. Rage rage rage.

A. Rage rage rage rage.

B. Rage rage-rage rage-rage rage!

Someday I really want to write an MMO forum post generator program, and an MMO forum comment generator program.

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