WildStar – No Need For Impressions

Everybody’s giving their impressions of WildStar now that the NDA is down, but honestly I saw enough in the hours and hours and hours of livestreams that were going on way back in December to decide that I was probably going to get it. Even if it wasn’t a game that looked fun, I’d still want to at least see what everyone was talking about, and I expect it to be the MMO everyone will be playing in the second half of 2014, with a brief distraction for the new WoW Expansion.

There have been so many streams and reports of WildStar that I’ve never had any compelling need to see the beta. (I’d swear I signed up for it, but have never been invited.)

That people have had great first impressions of WildStar but poor first impressions of ESO tells me that it’s probably going to be a very familiar game to play. I don’t mean that as a criticism, I just mean it will likely be more in the vein of Rift as opposed to something like The Secret World. Rift is also a very familiar game to play. It takes the MMO game systems we’re all very familiar with and tweaks them to be a little bit better. (TSW on the other hand, does everything completely different.)

Yes, I’m going to pre-order it, but probably not the Collector’s Edition. Suck it, free-to-play enthusiasts. A June 3 release date seems about perfect to me. That will be about two months after ESO, which should give me ample time to play it.

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  1. As someone who has”psijic order access” in ESO, ESO just -feels- bad on a basic level and I’m very sad about that. I don’t understand the people that want to pay for a product that doesn’t feel right, and will keep ass-patting everyone involved as if criticisms meant to help the game will somehow damage the poor fragile ego of the devs that should be listening more to the bad than the blind praise of people who just want the game to be more successful than Wildstar for whatever reason.

    ESO still feels like a beta when we have less than a month until launch, whereas Wildstar just feels better on all fronts, even 3 months out from release. It will be my game of choice both because of some familiarity and because I’m frankly tired of all the poorly animated pseudorealistic visuals in things lately.

    I would play ESO if it were at most $20 box fee with no subscription.

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