Why Endgame Viable

Well, here’s a topic. From Rowan Blaze: Why Have I Touched The Sky? Sort of a meta-blogging topic.

So my second challenge for you, Dear Reader, in these few days of Blaugust: Why did you title your blog what you did? Do you think the name still fits?

My first name for this blog was Melanthius. I still think that’s a cool name that rolls off the tongue, but it doesn’t have any inherent meaning when you look at it.

Then I was looking around at some other MMO blogs out there like Inventory Full and Bio Break and Hardcore Casual and Kill Ten Rats, and I thought to myself, holy crap those are great names because they a) instantly explain what the blog is about and b) have great branding.

So I set about to blatantly steal that concept. What I came up with was Endgame Viable.

And I’m not gonna lie, I hope people will accidentally click on my blog when they are searching for the flavor of the month class in whatever MMO they want to play. Because I have never seen any MMO yet where people aren’t asking in general chat in the newbie zone, “Is the (insert class or build here) viable for endgame?”

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