Something Witty Like: SOE’s New Daybreak

Breaking News! (Not.) SOE is turning into Daybreak.

I don’t read as much doom and gloom into this news as SynCaine does, but if Daybreak intends to take a more cross-platform stance, it could mean EverQuest Next will end up a lot more controller-friendly than we PC MMORPG gamers might like. You can already sense it with Landmark actually. You’ve got a left button ability and a right button ability and that’s about it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with fewer abilities, if done well–Neverwinter comes to mind. Sadly last I checked–a month or so ago? Did I write a post about that? It’s probably still in my Drafts somewhere–Landmark had a long way to go before the quality of its combat came anywhere near the level of fun and polish in Neverwinter.

On the other end of the controller spectrum would be something like FFXIV, which brings all of the hotbar complexity of your PC MMORPG right to your controller buttons, and does it better than you might think. I’d prefer it if they went that direction for EQ Next. (Honestly there isn’t much that could be stolen from FFXIV that wouldn’t be a solid winner.)

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after Daybreak. Hyuk hyuk.

(I keep wanting to call them Dawnbreak instead of Daybreak for some reason.)

4 thoughts on “Something Witty Like: SOE’s New Daybreak”

  1. I like SOE… and Smed… a lot more than SynCaine, though that might be for nostalgia reasons. But a lot of my own concern about where they will end up relates more to the realities of working for an investment group than any desire on the part of SOE… erm, Daybreak… to make great games on any given platform.

    I keep coming up with words to fit their company acronym (DGC). Damn Good Coffee. Doing GuildWars Clones. Devil Got Cash.

    Finally, I suddenly wondered the other night if, as an investment company, if Columbus Novocaine might just want to trim them down to profitability and sell them off. Who would buy them? Who is rich, dumb, and makes bad buying decisions?

    That’s right! You heard it here first. They will be part of EA within 3 years. Hah!

  2. I wouldn’t mind the control scheme being akin to FFXIV at all. That game manages to bridge the gap while still being a full MMORPG.

    My problem with supporting console platforms, however, is in the way it affects the design. This is just my personal observation, but FFXIV and DCUO – while solid MMOs on consoles – seemed to suffer in their class designs a bit. That isn’t solely to be blamed on consoles; after all, dialing back from the broader interpretation of the Holy Trinity in EQ has long been a hallmark of the genre’s evolution. However, the more action-heavy we go with less CC, less pure Support, etc., the more turned off I am from newer MMOs.

    EverQuest Next is already abandoning the Holy Trinity in favor of a more Guild Wars 2 approach (which I hated). The little footage we have seen definitely indicates a strong action vibe to it. I am fairly certain that the final EQN product will be a lot less strategic than I had originally hoped.

    That’ll be great for controllers.

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