Rift – The Primalist Announcement

Of course the big news Thursday from Gamescom was Trion’s announcement of a new Calling–the Primalist.

I can’t say the name jumps out at me as being the coolest name for a calling ever, but then it’s hard to follow up the likes of Mage, Cleric, Warrior, and Rogue. I mean there’s not much left after those four. Bureaucrat? Astronomer? Primalist is as good as anything. Although it doesn’t quite sound like something that channels animal spirits.

Rift's Primalist shown here using the Tiger avatar.
Rift’s Primalist shown here using the Tiger Avatar.

I haven’t had much incentive to log into Rift for a while, so it’s nice to see something that sounds intriguing. The new Focus mechanic looks cool. I liked playing a RuneKeeper in LotRO and I imagine this is very similar. I can easily see myself leveling a brand new character from 1 to 65 using this new calling. Maybe this will finally be the Defiant that I get to max level. (I have four Guardians at 60+ but I don’t think I’ve yet passed 40 on a Defiant character.)

From the video it looks like the primary weapons are going to be dual maces and a giant hammer. I like using a giant hammer on a Cleric for melee, but I don’t much like casting spells while holding a giant hammer. Most likely I’d pick dual maces.

Now we just have to wait for it to be released.

I think Blizzard announced something about their Rift-clone on Thursday too, but that news was buried under the hype over the Primalist.

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2 thoughts on “Rift – The Primalist Announcement”

  1. Your final paragraph made me laugh right out loud and my daughter ask me what was so funny.

    TBH, a new calling might bring me back. I’ve got 3 60’s and a 57, but Nightmare Tide didn’t pull me back, so… perhaps a new calling to play will.

  2. Hehe thanks. Nightmare Tide was a little disappointing for me too. Well, not disappointing. Just average I guess.

    I should probably amend my statement up there a bit too.. I can see myself playing from 1 to 65 again if the new calling is fun and interesting.

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