Results of Un-Learning Invert Mouse

I noticed that I never reported the results of trying to un-learn the use of Invert Mouse.

After about two weeks, I was no longer fighting my muscle memory and could play MMOs unhindered.

After about a month, I felt like I could aim pretty well again in shooters where precision is important.

It’s now been nearly six months, and I feel like I’ve never played any other way.

So it is possible to switch, even if you’ve played with Invert Mouse all your life. I have not attempted to play any flight simulators since switching though. I suspect I would crash and die instantly if I did.

One thought on “Results of Un-Learning Invert Mouse”

  1. Anecdotical evidence from all of the 3 people I know of in this position indicates that chances are, you will remain comfortable using inverted mouse look in flying games and non-inverted in walking games. Don’t underestimate the tree jumping, free falling, branch grabbing, monkey in the back of your brain.

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