Progression Report – May 2015

With the exception of a few interminable days at a work conference, I spent the entire month of May playing nothing but FFXIV. That clocks in at 180 hours or an average of 6 hours a day, which is pretty much the maximum amount that I can play any game in a month. (Many of those hours were spent AFK, in case you’re wondering–I tend to leave FFXIV online because it’s a pain to log in with the security token.) I should probably back off in June or I’m going to be completely burned out when Heavensward hits.

Speaking of which, I finished the Main Scenario and I’m ready for said Heavensward. Next time I will try to stay more up-to-date. I didn’t realize there were so many important quests after 50.

As if the Main Scenario wasn’t enough, I also started on those campy Hildebrand quests–I didn’t know there were trials associated with that quest line, too.

My main Bard reached gear level 121. I’ve got two more accessories I can upgrade from 120 to 130 with Carboncoat but that’s probably as far as I’ll get before the expansion. With the mountains of Soldiery Tomestones I’ve been collecting, I’ve geared up my alternate DPS classes (Dragoon and Blast Mage) to nearly 110. I should be able to use any of the three for pretty much anything outside of Coil. I also buffed up my White Mage to 100, although I don’t much like healing level 50 content.

I haven’t read much of anything about Heavensward, but I’ve been assuming there will be no need to run Final Coil for gear after the expansion comes out.

Why are you making me wear this... this... thing?
Why are you making me wear this… this… thing?

In an unexpected development, it was bothering me that my Arcanist class was sitting at the uneven level of 23, so I went and leveled it to 30 and picked up the Scholar and Summoner jobs. There it will likely sit until needed for lower level content. I’m just not fond of the way pets work in FFXIV–I couldn’t even tell you why.

In crafting, I’ve worked Leatherworker up to 50. (I picked LTW for no other reason than it was at 16 instead of 15.) I’ve also gained a few levels in other random crafting classes from doing those daily supply missions. I started doing crafting missions for the Ixal as well, which is yet another thing I didn’t even know was in the game. It was a lot of experience at the beginning but now not so much. I don’t really have any crafting goals except to slowly make newer cloth crafting and gathering gear with my weaver.

I looked briefly at buying a personal house, but those things are hella expensive, and there aren’t any plots left anyway. I don’t know why I would even need one except as a repository for housing items that show up in my inventory from time to time. (For example, I just got a Hildebrand painting as a veteran reward.)

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    1. But, those 45 minutes of cutscenes. When you saw that they literally told you you are going to be dealing with a lot, what was your thought on that?

      1. You mean did I mind that they were so long? It didn’t bother me except for having to hit the spacebar all the time to continue. It was interesting enough that I didn’t get bored or anything. Also I already knew they were going to be long, so I waited until a weekend to do Steps of Faith so I’d have lots of time for them.

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