On The Throne of Idris

My GWF dinged 36, so I can’t queue for Lair of the Mad Dragon anymore with him. Instead, I queued for the Throne of Idris, which I think is a level 38 dungeon.

Idris is a bit easier than MD, in that it is actually finishable. I’ve done it twice, and finished both times (though it took two tries on the last boss both times, too). And it’s very short, which is awesome. (I hate long dungeons. No gaming event should ever take an hour. 20 minutes tops, I say.) However some parts, including the final boss, have something that no previous dungeon encounter has: It matters how you pull the monsters. There are places where you should tackle a few monsters at a time instead of charging into the middle of the room – mainly, the final boss, which is a dude surrounded by 500 smaller monsters.

It also punishes you for running off by yourself to open a chest. Because half the time, that chest is a mimic. In my second run, some guy brought a mimic into the final boss fight. That sure was fun.

Also in that second run, I ran across something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in an MMO: A mouthy cleric. Invariably, it’s the pimped out "top DPS" guys that are all like, "go here, do that, you’re doing it wrong, don’t do it that way, don’t pull that monster, heal better, tank better, I’m in a top tier epic server first raiding guild," etc. After the DPS, it’s usually the tank that gets all bossy. The healer in the group is usually pretty laid back or businesslike. But not this one. It was kind of amusing.

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