Necromancer Daggers

Whoa.. I knew that Necromancer had melee-ish capability when you equip
daggers, but I didn’t realize until last night just how much raw
damage it puts out. I’ve been using a Staff or Axe/Dagger combo, but
last night I decided to try out Dagger/Dagger again, and holy crap I
was suddenly killing stuff super fast.
I’m still not really happy with the Necro’s AoE capabilities. I
haven’t found any decent AoE damage spells (compared to the
Elementalist at least); it’s mainly AoE debuffs, which are not
terribly useful in PvE events. I mean they are useful, but everyone
just blasts AoE damage so debuffs aren’t necessary. By the time the
debuff spell finishes, all the mobs are dead anyway.
I got into WvW for the second time last night (after an hour in a
queue). I am not really sure why people think it’s fun. It’s full all
the time, but the map appears to be approximately 1000 times too big
for the number of people that are in it.

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