MMO News Reactions 4

A series of short reactions to the week’s MMORPG stories, otherwise known as “just about giving up on blogging” because I can’t be bothered to write long posts lately.

Nexon laid off some people. I don’t think I play any Nexon games.

Forbes interview on WoW Classic. I don’t think I mentioned this at the time, but while Blizzcon made it sound like WoW Classic was right around the corner, I secretly thought it sounded like they hadn’t even started on it yet. This confirms that it sounds like they haven’t even gotten out of the “memos around the office” phase of this project yet. How many years away will this thing be? Will Star Citizen be out before WoW Classic?

There is more talk of “official” classifications of gaming addiction. My only comment here is that I find it a bit ironic that gamers quickly rush to decry gaming addiction as made-up out of thin air, and simultaneously crusade against predatory loot boxes.

One thought on “MMO News Reactions 4”

  1. I walked away loudly saying that WoW Classic was a lot closer to 2020 than anybody wanted to admit. They said at BlizzCon that, after the research they had done that they were going to put a team together… as in there wasn’t a team working on it yet.

    Of course, I am sure a lot of people think it will be easy and shouldn’t take too long. But in software everything takes much longer than you think it should.

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