LotRO – The Road To Mordor, A Tweetstorm

I haven’t yet bought the Mordor expansion (I probably will, despite the hype-destroying trailer), but it dawned on me that LotRO is one of those rare MMORPGs where you can actually explore the world without having to unlock zones by completing quests. So I decided that I wanted to run my 95 Runekeeper as close to Mordor as I could get. I made it all the way to the Black Gate.

I had a lot of fun running there, and it didn’t cost me anything. I didn’t do a single quest on the entire trip, and honestly I didn’t see very many quests to select from either. (I haven’t purchased any of the content that I ran through.)

I was blown away by how massive the LotRO world is. I thought that I had covered a lot of territory to get my Hunter to Moria, but I had only just barely scratched the surface, and the amount of land in the game that exists between level 95 and 105 is just incredible. I don’t know if I’ve published this thought anywhere, but I feel like LotRO is the “last” MMORPG released that is actually “massive.” Nobody puts this much physical space in their games anymore.

Here’s the journey in tweet form:


2 thoughts on “LotRO – The Road To Mordor, A Tweetstorm”

  1. I didn’t realize you could get through Moria without owning the expansion for it. Actually, I didn’t even know you could get TO Moria. I might have to try that. The rest your epic journey is, I think, a bit above the pay grade of my Level 43 Guardian.

    1. I do own Moria actually, which I think is the only expansion I own. I probably should have said that I started the journey in Rohan after boosting a character from 19 to 95 with one of those potions (before I knew Mordor would include a 105 boost). My highest level unboosted character is 55 in Moria. Have no clue if I could have gotten from Moria to Rohan.

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