LotRO Mithril Coins Rule

I know that the Mithril Coins are just a way to force people to buy from the shop, but I still cheerfully bought a big bagful of them. Being able to zip back to quest givers is an incredible time-saver. Way more worth real money than, say, a fancy cape or horse or whatever. (Actually, I had a trove of Turbine Points sitting around so I didn’t need to spend any (more) real money.)

2 thoughts on “LotRO Mithril Coins Rule”

  1. Over the summer when I was vacationing in Middle-earth I bought a stack of the mithril coins. Initially I just wanted some to up my daily task limit on my main. But then the end of an evening of adventure would come around and I would be tired and it was so much easier to just spend a coin to get back to that quest giver or to get to the next travel point or whatever. That little “spend a mithril coin” icon is up in a lot of places.

    Of course, it helps that I bought a Lifetime subscription way back at launch, so I was spending my VIP stipend. But I still found myself spending more of those coins that I thought I would.

  2. Agreed. Traveling back to the quest-giver is one of my least favorite parts of an MMO, so if there’s a way to skip that part, I’m pretty much going to use it. (Especially when they put the quest-givers all the way across the map from the objectives.)

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