Games Played – March 2017

Why yes, I *am* still looking for a picture for these posts. From Wikimedia.

I strive for timeliness here at the ol’ blog, so here is what I played in March. You might possibly detect a theme. Besides the nearly 100% lack of MMORPGs.

  • Mass Effect 3 – 42 hours
  • 7 Days To Die – 39 hours
  • Mass Effect 2 – 31 hours
  • Mass Effect 1 – 23 hours
  • Mass Effect Andromeda – 2 hours
  • Factorio – 2 hours
  • Shroud of the Avatar – 1 hour
  • Revelation Online – 1 hour

Just for the record, I also spent 39 hours in Movie Studio Platinum. And then my USB hard drive crashed and I lost every bit of that work.

2 thoughts on “Games Played – March 2017”

  1. I don’t know about others, but this drive was an internal drive that they put in an external USB case. I took it apart and tried to plug it directly into a SATA connector but got the same result. (Click, click, click… nothing.) It’s only the second catastrophic hard drive crash I’ve ever experienced. I’ve since bought a WD “My Cloud” NAS thingy.

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