FFXIV – Void Ark and Weeping City

First there was Void Ark. I watched a guide on YouTube but I didn’t understand much of it, so I just jumped in. (It’s easier to learn mechanics first-hand.) It turned out to be fairly straightforward to get carried through there. Just like the Labyrinth of the Ancients raid at 50, everyone is so over-leveled that you hardly even see the mechanics, and mostly all you have to do is follow along, avoid AOEs, and pick up the loot. I got most of the Bard 200 gear (except the belt) and moved on to the next tier.

(I also got a ton of gear for alt classes, too, but I’m running out of places to put gear. Seriously, Square Enix, can you look into this? You’re usually very good about quality-of-life improvements, but storage of alternate gear is still a blind spot.)

Incidentally, the Void Ark Bard gear looks silly. My character looked like a 1950s bell hop.

May I take your baggage?

When I passed item level 205, I entered the Weeping City. It’s a totally different story. MTQ’s guide is split into two parts, which should give you some idea of the complexity of the mechanics. I watched both parts … and retained maybe 1/10th of what I saw. Once again I just jumped in. I knew I was never going to learn it without first-hand experience. These are public raids–they’re usually designed so that only half the participants really need to be well-versed on the mechanics to get through it. (As opposed to the “real” raids, where every single person needs to be on the ball.)

I actually got through the first two bosses without dying, but not so much on the last two. I went and ran right off the edge of the Ozmos platform with the marker, knowing full well that it would happen, while still somehow thinking that an invisible wall would stop me because there are always invisible walls in FFXIV right?

Anyway after I got out of there the guides made a lot more sense. Still, there are some pretty intense mechanics in there. (The Triangle shape on Ozmos is the one I have the most trouble with. It’s so hard to see when you get hit with that Acceleration Bomb thing.)

Looks relaxing, right?

One thing I’ve learned after going through Weeping City around 10 times now: The community doesn’t seem to know this raid very well, even after all the time it’s been out (6 months?). There’s almost always one alliance that wipes at some point, and there’s almost always a complete raid wipe one or more times. (Frequently on Ozmos.)

Another thing I learned is that the Bard boots never drop in Weeping City.

Okay, they finally dropped last night. The Weeping City gear still doesn’t look as good as the Centurio gear.

My next milestone is item level 235 so I can get into Dun Scaith. But first I apparently need to find a High-capacity Tombstone so I can upgrade my weapon.

And no, I still haven’t done the Antitower to continue the Main Scenario yet. PUGing 4-man dungeons is way more intimidating than 24-man raids, or even 8-man raids. In a 4-man dungeon it’s impossible to hide from all your newbie mistakes.

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  1. You’ve done Wiping City more than I have now, and I’m running i260 gear for every slot except 2nd ring is “only” i250 ;-)

    Your complaint about the gear appearance is why it’s commonly said that “glamour is the true endgame.” Don’t be afraid to glamour your gear!

    The tomestone you currently need comes from running Alexander 4 (or maybe 8) Normal 7 times, but I think it’s still capped at only counting 1 time per week. Of course, since the game’s beyond that gear tier, perhaps it’s not locked anymore, just the one that needs A12N, I’m not sure.

    You may get a better weapon faster by running Palace of the Dead (Quarrymill, South Shroud, though the starter is in the Adventurer’s Guild in New Gridania). You can get an i235 weapon in a couple of hours, and that one can upgrade to i255 in pretty short order after that also.

    I235 — http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Padjali_Longbow
    i255 — http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Kinna_Longbow

  2. The High-Capacity Tomestone comes from gathering Midian Gears from Alexander 8. You’ll need 7 of them (from what I read). I’m not sure if the weekly restriction on this gear has lifted or not, but I think it has. Don’t quote me on that, though!

    If you’d rather not run Alexander, you can always earn an ilvl 230, and then upgradeable 255 weapon through Palace of the Dead. That’s the route I’ve taken because I’m not a huge fan of running Alex over and over (and back in the day, the gear was a weekly drop, so it took 7 weeks).

    So there are options!

    And yeah, the community still doesn’t have Wiping City down yet. Some groups know what they’re doing, but just as often as not, you’ll have wipes. The mechanics are pretty punishing and do require individuals to be on their game. That’s what I dislike about the raid the most — one person can still wipe or come close to wiping their whole party if they’re not aware of things like bombs and meteors. There really isn’t a free ride through it for anyone.

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