FFXIV Followup On Guild Houses

I’m all-in on FFXIV at the moment so get ready for wall-to-wall FFXIV posts this week!

Last time I wrote that Square Enix wouldn’t do much about their guild housing prices unless people didn’t buy them. After I wrote that, they backed off a bit on their ridiculous prices, but not by much. Out of curiosity, I snooped around the guild housing areas to see just how many of the plots had been bought up already, because I assumed people would buy them no matter how much they cost or how much mindless grinding they had to do.

Looks like I was dead wrong. As of this writing (Jan 8), only three plots have been purchased on my server, one in each of the three areas. So I guess there aren’t very many rich guilds on my server.

On the positive side, if Square Enix sticks to their guns, this might be a good way to scope out potential guilds you want to join. You could check to see if a prospective guild has a house to see if they are "legit" enough for you.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV Followup On Guild Houses”

  1. There are 9 houses total on my server (Leviathan), only 2 of which are Medium and the rest are Small.
    Honestly, I don’t see Smalls becoming that much more popular even with their prices now going to be slashed by half, because just in terms of square-footage they are like closets, especially compared to Mediums which are a HUGE step up in size; I was frankly shocked when I got to go inside one of the Medium homes on our server. It just makes the Small plots look even more piddly and boring. They need to add more space inside Small houses — which shouldn’t be that hard since homes are not 1:1 scale with their exterior appearances anyway. Even just a little bit more room might make more people want a smaller lot.

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