FFXIV – 3.0 Main Scenario Complete

A while back I said I was playing ESO again.. welllll, I sort of lost interest. (I think it’s because I find the quests very depressing, and it also seems like everywhere you go and everything you do is basically the same as what you did before.) So it’s mostly FFXIV and an occasionally foray into LotRO for me these days.

I finished the Aetherial Research Facility. I got a nice group with a very “professional” tank, who explained the mechanics concisely and non-judgmentally. Indeed it turned out to be much easier than I feared, and kind of fun. It was another one with a lot of AoEs to dodge, which I like. It’s sort of like a puzzle game, trying to figure out where to run so that you don’t get caught by overlapping or moving AoEs. They’re usually predicable enough that you can plan ahead, but random enough that you still need to think on your feet.

There was another 8-man trial immediately after called The Singularity Reactor. I went into that one completely blind, reasoning that it would be similar to the 8-man trials at the end of previous stories, which were among the easiest in the game. It turned out to be at least easy enough for us to get through on the first try, even with three of us showing filmstrips over our heads and nobody explaining anything. At the time of this writing, in fact, I can’t remember a single thing about the fight, except the spoilery cut scene after it was over.

So that completed the Heavensward 3.0 Main Scenario, as far as I can tell. I think it was better than the 2.0 story. (I say that partly because I can’t even remember the 2.0 story.) Most of the characters had good arcs, at least until [redacted].

As you might expect, reaching level 60 in FFXIV is just the beginning, particularly when you get to the end in version 3.5 instead of 3.0. If it’s anything like level 50, I’m guessing there are now 5 updates worth of extended Main Scenario questlines to go through, each with a new dungeon and/or trial in it.

In addition to that, there is the somewhat arduous process of running around to find and unlock all the level 60 activities you can do after finishing the Main Scenario.

One of the first things I found was Rowena in Idyllshire, who led me to unlocking the Anima weapon quest. Yeah, I probably won’t be doing that. Not without a really long Netflix series to binge-watch, at least.

After that I unlocked a level 60 dungeon Neverreap, and two Extreme trials, none of which I qualify for yet.

I wanted to find the “Alexander” thing I keep hearing about, which I am guessing is the new Crystal Tower public raid thingy. Crystal Tower was a big help to my gear progress in the level 50 days. I didn’t quite know what to look for, but I stumbled onto it anyway when I looked into that gigantic robot hand that came out of the shield in the Dravanian Hinterlands. I thought it was just going to be another 8-man trial the way they kept talking about primals, but the Duty Finder clearly marks it as “Alexander – The Fist of the Father” even though the quest text never mentioned anything about Alexander, Fists, or Fathers. I still don’t know who or what Alexander is. It’s always seemed like a strange name for an instance. (I thought “Turns 1-9” were strange names, too.)

There’s no danger of accidentally wandering into any of these places unprepared, by the way, because my item level is way too low. At this writing I’m at 142, and I think I need to get to at least 145 before I can even start doing any of this level 60 stuff.

At one time that seemed like an impossibly high number, but now it’s a huge flashing newbie sign. I unlocked the Stone, Sea, Sky thing (which is an awesome game feature with yet another inexplicable FFXIV name) and marched haughtily into the practice tutorial boss, only to fail the DPS check miserably. Talk about humbling.

I decided I would run through the Great Gubal Library until I picked up a substantial portion of the Conservator’s gear set, which is item level 148. I kind of enjoy that dungeon and it would be nice to have a complete set of gear for a change. I’ve been wearing a hodgepodge for 10 levels now. Of course the first time through, there was another Bard in the group, and of course he got the only Bard drop there was. The second time through there was nothing but Ninja drops. So maybe it isn’t the greatest idea in the world.

P. S. Two more Gubal runs last night and nothing. It’s getting less fun, so bleh.

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  1. There is i170 gear you can get by farming centurio seals. These you can earn by doing your daily and weekly HW hunt boards and the special marks people shout about. That might give you a nice boost so you can hit alexander and neverreap.

  2. You can also buy upgrade items to turn the i170 into i180 from the same vendor.

    Neverreap and the next MSQ dungeon (which I should remember the name of, but I don’t, sorry, though I remember it’s in Azys Lla, at least) both drop i170 (IIRC) gear, so once you can get into them at the i145 threshold they’re a big jump up also. And then the next 2 to unlock drop i195, then i210, then i225, and the latest patch now is dropping i245 from the 2 newest dungeons.

    Alexander is 8-man raids and there are 12 of them in all. Nobody calls them by their official names, they’re just A1N through A12N and then the “savage” ones are A1S through A12S. I’ve only ever done normal, never savage, and I like them. Which is something, becuz I’m really not generally down for the 8-man primals or anything, but Alex is pretty fun.

    The 24-man raids are begun in the NW corner of the Sea of Clouds zone. 1st is Void Ark, and it’s pretty easy and a ton of fun. The next one is Weeping City of Mhach, and tbh, I haven’t ever done it, but there were a lot of complaints about it being harder than it needs to be. The 3rd in that series was just released this past Tuesday and is called Dun Scaith.

    If it’s helpful, feel free to hit up my ffxiv post archive. You should be able to find dungeon descriptions and gear paths and whatnot: https://nomadicgamer.wordpress.com/tag/ffxiv/

  3. Congrats on getting through 3.0 story! As was mentioned above, Void Ark is the first Crystal Tower-ish raid for Heavensward, and it’s the equivalent in difficulty. I highly recommend hitting that up when you have the ilvl as you can roll on all the gear you want with no restriction. The following two (Weeping City & Dun Scaith) are a good bit more difficult and I don’t suggest trying to go into those blind.

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