ESO Unlimited Arrives

ESO Unchained or Unlimited or whatever looks pretty good to me. I patched up and logged in for a few minutes to check it out.

ESO Crown Store
Six pets seems like a rather small selection.

The cash shop is very unobtrusive–about the same as GW2–but it’s also very empty… I didn’t see anything I might be tempted to buy, like for example, the only thing I really wanted–more inventory space. Also, the 800 crowns I was given wasn’t enough to buy much of anything but health potions or maybe a pet.

Overall the game looks nearly identical to when I left, which I consider to be a good thing. (I wasn’t enticed enough to actually play, but I probably will this weekend when I have more time.)

4 thoughts on “ESO Unlimited Arrives”

  1. Inventory space in ESO is very annoying. I very strongly dislike the “all in one window” layout – I much prefer to have individual bags. I also strongly dislike the “buy 10 more slots at a rapidly increasing price each time” method of increasing bag space.

    Its not a unique system to ESO by any means. I’ve come across similar in quite a few games. It is, however, the worst of all options that I know in terms of aesthetics, convenience and immersion.

  2. I actually like the inventory list (though I wish it had more filter options).. inventory is one area that I wish MMOs would do more innovation. I’m over the “grid of icons” concept and ready for something else. (TSW also has an interesting inventory concept but I don’t think it goes far enough.)

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