Catching Up – CCP, Gazillion, etc.

Literally my only screenshot from Marvel Heroes.

I mentioned that there was nothing to blog about. Then I started catching up on all the things I’ve missed in the MMO landscape over the last month or so.

CCP VR Layoffs. Apparently CCP decided they didn’t want to be a pioneer in VR after all. Presumably this means they’ll need to figure out how to increase revenue from EVE, a fourteen-year-old game that new players run screaming from. (Incidentally, I keep meaning to try out the free version.)

Voice Actor Strike Ends. I’m glad this is over. I don’t know all the details but I assume everybody is happy with the results. I love good voice acting, and voice actors deserve not to be treated like cattle by game companies.

Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon. Not quite game-related, but Christopher Tolkien retiring from his watch over the Tolkien estate might one day affect Lord of the Rings Online in ways we can’t predict. (Incidentally, I have no plans to watch Lord of the Rings on Amazon without a lot of convincing. You can’t just wave the words “Lord of the Rings” in front of my nose like candy before a toddler to get my attention.)

Marvel Heroes Shutdown. This was a huge surprise to me. After a month of silence, Disney and Marvel cut ties with developer Gazillion, and Marvel Heroes is shutting down on every platform. I’m pretty much over Diablo-style ARPGs, but I played this game a little bit in 2015 and I enjoyed it, and I thought it had been doing well all this time.

MXM Shutdown. And this just in.. NCSoft MOBA MXM is shutting down, too. After, like, a month? Or something? I don’t know anything about this game except that every time I heard about it, I thought, “Huh? Why?” Still, you hate to see anything tank in the games industry. It hurts everyone.

3 thoughts on “Catching Up – CCP, Gazillion, etc.”

  1. Oh, wow. Thanks for the news! I’d heard about some of this, and knew that the voice actors were ending their strike (thank goodness it’s better for them). But I was behind on the Lord of the Rings news! Just… wow!

  2. For some reason I always pictured Christopher Tolkein as being in his 40s. Which makes no sense.

    I’m 100% in favor of the maximum number of spin-offs for every franchise that I remotely enjoy. It’s never made the least sense to me that any adaptations, however stupid or crass, could dilute the original. When they’re bad it just reminds you how good the good ones are. Does anyone seriously argue that a century of terrible Sherlock Holmes or Dracula knock-offs have diminished the original work of Conan Doyle or Bram Stoker? If Jane Austen can survive as a top-tier member of the Eng. after the likes of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Clueless (not that I’m saying anything bad against Clueless but it’s a long, long way from The Sainted Jane) I’m sure Tolkein can bump along somehow.

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