Bye End of Nations

I’m not sad to see End of Nations go. The "MMORTS" genre did not inspire me to want to play that game, and when we later learned it was to be reshaped into a "MOBA" my interest plummeted even farther. (I simply do not "get" MOBAs – so much clicking.)

Instead, I’m ecstatic to see Trion devoting more resources to Rift, Trove, Defiance, and particularly ArcheAge, a game that I am still looking forward to seeing sometime within my lifetime.

I haven’t played Defiance much, but I enjoy it when I play. It’s a casual sort of shooter and I really like the Arkfall events (or whatever they are called) which are quite similar to Rifts.

Trove is fun in a super casual way. I like that they are working more on MMO-style gameplay than on building-style gameplay. It’s also interesting to compare Trove’s alpha development process with Landmark’s alpha development process. (I might do a post about that.)

Rift is in need of the 3.0 expansion. Get busy, Trion!

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