A Freshly-Formatted PC

I recently reformatted my PC and reinstalled Windows 7, so of course I had to re-install all my games. But instead of re-installing the seemingly hundreds of MMOs I previously had, I decided to limit the number of MMOs installed so I could try to cut down on this MMO ADD I’ve been experiencing.

So far I’ve installed WoW, FFXIV, LotRO, SWTOR, EVE, and Mortal Online. (Well, and Steam, obviously.) By sheer coincidence, I happened to have active subscriptions for those games as well (except MO). I typically buy 3-month blocks of sub time and then cancel; the order that the subscriptions will expire over the next 3 months is: FFXIV, LotRO, EVE, SWTOR, then WoW.

(I know LotRO and SWTOR are free-to-play, but I got the subs because I wanted the resting experience in LotRO, and in SWTOR I wanted to get rid of the stupid popup that blocked my screen whenever I used a health pak in the middle of combat.)

So my plan is to focus on the games in the order that they will expire. First FFXIV, and when that expires, then LotRO, then SWTOR, then EVE, and finally WoW. Shortly after that, ESO will launch, and that’ll be the new shiny for one hopes at least a month.

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