2014 MMOs Coming Soon

I hate year-end posts, so here I am writing another one to talk about MMOs I’m looking forward to in 2014.

Rift 3.0. I haven’t seen a release date, but they’re talking about releasing it in stages anyway, so I expect we’ll see the bulk of it in 2014. I hope to get a month of entertainment from the new stuff, maybe not contiguously though.

WildStar. I’m planning to pre-order and play at launch, because I suspect everyone and their mother will be playing it and I don’t want to miss out. :) I anticipate at least a month of entertainment from it, and hopefully more.

Elder Scrolls Online. I’m planning to pre-order and play at launch. Unlike seemingly the entire rest of the world, I’m actually looking forward to it, but I’m a bit concerned about how much they’re talking about PvP right now. I anticipate at least a month of entertainment from it.

EQ Landmark. Pre-ordered. I expect this to be amusing for maybe a week, then I’ll start kicking myself in the head for pre-ordering it. I hope I’m wrong, though.

EQ Next. I’m curious of course, but we don’t really know anything about this game yet, do we? I’m skeptical about seeing it in 2014 simply because it seems like we’d know more by now if it was within a year of release. Given SOE’s history, I would expect this to be yet another niche game. I don’t like the talk that it will be “horizontal progression” game.

Black Desert. Too soon to tell if I will buy, but I’m looking forward to seeing more about it. This game looks amazing, but I’m fearful it will have a fatal flaw.

ArcheAge. Very similar thoughts to Black Desert. I’m glad to see Trion is the North American publisher.

Destiny from Bungie, makers of Halo. I’m skeptical. Shooter MMOs aren’t really my thing.

The Division from Ubisoft. I’m skeptical. Shooter MMOs aren’t really my thing.

Gloria Victis. Looks cool and I like the screenshots a lot. I might drop a few bucks to get into the Alpha.

Life is Feudal. I’ve seen it mentioned as a potential rival to Mortal Online. Looks extremely early in development but I would expect to see an early Alpha in 2014.

Shroud of the Avatar by Lord British. I’m skeptical, but it seems to be picking up momentum. No release date, but you can buy your way into the Alpha for $45. Not sure if it’s worth it. It looks like Bard’s Tale from the 1980s.

Star Citizen. An EVE clone. Not really my thing. Will probably pass on the Alphas unless I see people who don’t like EVE start playing it.

I’ve probably missed some, but that’s all I can think of.

I also hope to advance my characters more in at least LotRO, SWTOR, WoW, and EQ2, if not many other games.

2 thoughts on “2014 MMOs Coming Soon”

  1. Starter of many games, master of none, this blogger is. It bothers me that you’ve declined to use so much as a user handle for yourself, or to sign your posts with on this blog of yours. Oh well.

    Since you closed comments on that “why are tanks doing so much damage?” thing, I’ll fill you in – Blizzard wants people to get to the new content, the latest and greatest, and enjoy the fruits of their efforts. They also want tanks to exist, and as the community de-matures, they saw the need arising for tanks to “still dew gud dps LOLWTF” according to the dissatisfied kiddos that started and immediately dropped the role. They’ve also majorly softened up on damage/mechanic importance in low level dungeons, because they want the leveling process to be an engaging, super easy rompstomp until you hit max level (and again, most content is still that engaging, super easy rompstomp until you begin any cooperative raiding (not Looking For Raid).

    All tanks have a buff called “vengeance” that grows with their health pool and the amount of damage they receive. So a tank that pulls quickly is rewarded with ever increasing power, on top of moves designed to mow down multiple adds at a time. There ya go!

    I appreciate that your blog shows us what’s out here – but at the same time, after looking around and seeing just… so so much in the way of WoW cloning going on (and yes, I do know it itself borrowed almost entirely from EQ and others) that it hardly seems fruitful to do anything but pick one game and invest heavily into it. Oh well!

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