MMO Pinball

Just so you know, I have been a veritable pinball of MMO playing lately.

First FFXIV leveling an Archer/Bard to level 30. Then WoW leveling a Mage from around 17 to 50, and leveling some other characters. Then GW2 to check out the Tower of Nightmares. Then LoTRO leveling my hobbit Hunter from 38 to 45. Then Rift to check out the Song of Dreams patch. Even a little bit of Neverwinter and TERA and (gasp) Aion thrown in there between.

Now I am thinking about getting back into EverQuest II because about 95% of it is still new to me.

When will the madness end??

LotRO Mithril Coins Rule

I know that the Mithril Coins are just a way to force people to buy from the shop, but I still cheerfully bought a big bagful of them. Being able to zip back to quest givers is an incredible time-saver. Way more worth real money than, say, a fancy cape or horse or whatever. (Actually, I had a trove of Turbine Points sitting around so I didn’t need to spend any (more) real money.)

Book 3, Chapter 5, Part II of III

When I logged back into LotRO for the first time in a long time, I remembered one of the main reasons I stopped playing:

On the outside looking in...
On the outside looking in…

It was Book 3, Chapter 5, Part II of III. I’ve probably been stuck on that quest for well over a year. It says you can do it solo, but I was facerolled every time.

Lies! The Elf-stone's inspiration is no help at all.
Lies! The Elf-stone’s inspiration is no help at all.

I finally went out to YouTube and found a video of someone soloing it. In the video, the guy hit the Elf-stone like I always do, then he moved forward a little bit, and then suddenly his health and mana quadrupled! What de hell! Mine never did that!

Next time I logged in, I did exactly what I saw in the video. Stand where it says “this is a good place to use the stone.” Hit the Elf-stone. Your guy kneels for a second but nothing seems to happen. Then I moved forward a little bit until it says “this is NOT a good place to use the stone.” Then, magically for no apparent reason, my health zoomed way up like I saw in the video. Then I had no trouble with any of the elite mobs.

Take that you vile vicious Tarkrip.
Take that you vile vicious Tarkrip.

Of course, I went the wrong way and my health dropped back down and I got killed. I revived myself and ran back outside so I could do the Elf-stone again, except that when I tried it, following the exact same steps, it didn’t work. Ugh. What a super annoying quest.

The next time I logged in, I finally did it!

Standing victorious over my nemesis's corpse.
Standing victorious over my nemesis’s corpse.


Woohoo! Success at last!
Woohoo! Success at last!