Top 10 Videos From 2016

I know blog readers don’t care about videos, but I wanted to record my Top 10 game videos from 2016 for posterity.

One day I decided to click on that Analytics tab on YouTube and found there was actually some information there, like which videos people watched. YouTube ranks videos by watch time, not views, which I suppose indicates that these are the videos that people actually stuck around to watch the most, for some inexplicable reason.

10 – Battlefield 1 – Pt 1 – Intro and Gallipoli. First of my Battlefield 1 playthrough, and first of four Battlefield 1 videos on this list, uploaded in 2016. I guess people like shooters. Interestingly, the “traffic sources” for these videos show a lot from “suggested videos.” I’ve no idea what that means or how that happens.

9 – Battlefield 1 – Pt 9 – Cambrai. More Battlefield 1.

8 – Dark Souls II – Part 15 – Ruined Aflis. This one was from 2015. A really action-packed episode in my epic Dark Souls II blind playthrough series. Starts with our first look at the Ruin Sentinels boss (from which we ran screaming), then goes to our first look at the Heide’s Tower dragon (from which we ran screaming), then ends up with us summoning Ruined Aflis to kill skeletons and turtle knights.

7 – T-Day Stream – Age of Conan, Questing in Eiglophian Mountains. A super oldie from 2014, when I tried streaming regularly for a month, and the only MMORPG in the list. A rare webcam appearance, from back when I used a headset, for the worst possible sound quality.

6 – Dark Souls – Sorcerer to Oolacile Township 2nd Bonfire. Another from 2015, and another rare webcam appearance. At least I had a condenser microphone setup by then.

5 – Battlefield 1 – Pt 8 – Cambrai. More Battlefield 1.

4 – Battlefield 1 – Pt 3 – Italy. More Battlefield 1.

3 – Dark Souls II – Part 17 – The Pursuer Defeated. Part of my epic blind Dark Souls II playthrough from 2015. This is the one where I finally beat that !@#$! Pursuer. Not shown in this video is the 500 times I failed in a previous episode of the series.

2 – Snap Judgment – Novus Inceptio. First (and only) 30 minutes of trying out Steam Early Access survival game Novus Inceptio. I guess people wanted to see it before buying it and apparently I was the only person willing to play it. Has the honor of getting 2 dislikes!

1 – Dark Souls – Sorcerer vs. Sif the Great Grey Wolf. From 2015. Me killing Sif in one shot with a sorcerer, very early in the morning, long before I cared about audio quality. I can only speculate it got a higher watch time because it’s only 3:30 long so people didn’t mind watching the whole thing.

By the way I’m debating uploading a Morrowind playthrough next.

Age of Conan – A Fun Diversion

Indicative of my continuing disinterest in ESO, I downloaded and installed Age of Conan and played for a good four or five hours over the weekend. Enough time to get my highest level character, a Dark Templar, from level 55 to level 57. (I honestly do not remember what role the Dark Templar is, but I have a sword and shield.)

Also enough time for me to remember why I don’t play AoC all the time.

But before I get to that, there is a lot to like about Age of Conan. It has a very unique and interesting combat style that I have not seen in any other MMO, including all the new action-based games. AoC is particularly good at melee combat. And if you like complicated hotkey rotations and combinations, this game has got you covered. And hey, it’s free.

Age of Conan has some really nice landscapes.
Age of Conan has some really nice landscapes.

The other thing I love about Age of Conan is the realistic look and style of the game. It’s similar to ESO actually, and it still looks pretty darn good for a 2008 game. Personally I think it looks better than ArcheAge. I love the Low Fantasy style of sword and sorcery that is in AoC. I wish there were more games like it, or an Age of Conan 2. Or better yet, an Age of Some-IP-Not-Owned-By-Someone-Else 2.

Fighting, fighting, and more fighting.
Blood, guts, and sword-fighting! Rawr!

But here’s the problem with AoC: It gets tedious. The TTK is pretty high. (TTK means Time-To-Kill, a term I just recently learned, and indicates how long it takes to kill your average monsters.) While it is fun to do all kinds of neat-looking sword combinations and fight huge packs of mobs, when it takes an hour to fight your way to a quest objective, then another hour to fight your way back to the quest giver, it can get old. And the monsters just keep spawning and spawning. The number of mobs you have to fight reminds me of playing an Action RPG like Diablo.

This is the way combat usually works in AoC.
Somebody make them stop! There’s so many of them!

Anyway, it was a fun trip down memory lane. Maybe one day I will get a character up to level 80.

The Secret World

I’ve had a burst of gaming enthusiasm in the last month or so, ending my streak of playing basically nothing since Christmas. As usual, I tend to gravitate toward RPGs and MMOs.

The last MMO I played before my break was Star Wars: The Old Republic, which I found enjoyable, but not enough to keep playing past the free month. Then recently, on an impulse, I bought TERA, which boasted a totally fresh new action-based combat system, but again, it didn’t keep my attention past the first month. After that I played LOTRO again, which is a bit dated now but still one of the best MMOs around.

Then, I got an email from Funcom, who makes Age of Conan, with a couple of game codes for the final beta weekend of The Secret World, an MMO I’ve heard mention of for quite a while but haven’t looked at in detail. So I tried it out and, on impulse again, decided to plunk down the $50 to pre-order it, because it’s different enough for me to vote positively with my dollars.

The Secret World has sort of an urban fantasy motif, where the key selling point is a class-less, level-less progression system. You can use guns, or swords, or magic. It’s odd, but I’m curious to see how it works out. It has a number of departures from normal MMOs, actually.

Anyway, according to another email I got, the head start begins today, so I’ll be head-starting this weekend.

It’s kind of a bummer actually. After the TSW beta ended I got back into Rift again, this time playing Defiant. I just joined a guild yesterday and even healed for a dungeon run.