The Kingsmouth Code

The Kingsmouth Code begins with the priest in the church.

Tier 1/5 Follow Illuminati symbols

[spoiler name=”Hint 1″]Like the video showed, go out the door.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 2″]Which way do those triangles point?[/spoiler]

Tier 2/5 Find the location referenced in the message

[spoiler name=”Hint 1″]Where might a town’s “Seat of Power” be? Check a phonebook.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 2″]Who is Frans Hals? What did he do? Look at some samples of his work.[/spoiler]

Tier 3/5

[spoiler name=”Hint 1″]The “hands of time” sounds like the hands of a clock.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 2″]The “words of God” sounds like the Bible.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 3″]The words “written by kings” sounds like 1 Kings in the Bible.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 4″]Remember the plaque from Tier 2? Where might a priest sleep in Kingsmouth?[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Hint 5″]”The truths written by kings…” Was there a number in that Bible passage?[/spoiler]

Tier 4/5 Use the computer

[spoiler name=”Hint”]Look at the manhole cover from Tier 1 again.[/spoiler]

Tier 5/5 Collect the Eye, Pyramid, Phoenix

You don’t need a hint for this part. :)

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