FFXIV – Stormblood In Pictures

Too busy playing to write anything. As of now I’m about 3/4 of the way to level 65, plugging away at the Main Scenario Quest in Yanxia. (See YouTube for excruciating detail.) Here are some screenshots.

This anonymous lalafel photobombed my shot of the Kugane market.
Arriving in the underwater village of the Kojin (I call them ninja turtles).
The underwater palace Shisui of the Violet Tide.
A little haunted forest in The Fringes called Dimworld. That torture device on her back is actually a bow.
Sightseeing in the Ruby Sea (the only zone that I can fly in so far).
Yanxia, near the point of my maximum progression to date.
Relaxing back in Kugane after an especially serious storyline.

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