FFXIV – Okay There’s One Bad Thing

To be fair, here’s one thing that FFXIV doesn’t get right:

I just re-installed it, subbed up, and jumped in again. (I went crazy and got a 3-month sub because I have some money coming in again heh.) I’m installing it on a different PC from when I last played it, so maybe you can guess what happened.

All of my settings, keybinds, and HUD configurations were gone. Even the character-specific configurations like my gear sets were gone.

This is bad, Square Enix! Bad, bad, bad. I’m excited to play again, but the prospect of spending hours setting everything back up is pretty daunting. Surely with all the other brilliant changes you’ve made in the last year, you can put in server-side configuration saving? We’re living in the age of The Cloud, after all. At least save my keybinds! And my gear sets! And … everything else!

This just in: Apparently there’s this thing called “The Googles” which has lots of useful information. You can copy FFXIV config files from an old installation to a new one, and it does actually work. I didn’t copy everything, though. I only copied the FFXIV_CHRxxxxx folder for the character I wanted, FFXIV.cfg, and FFXIV_BOOT.cfg.)

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