FFXIV – Even More Stormblood In Pictures

Puffy sheep with rat tails!
Wait I thought there weren’t supposed to be any horses in Eorzea? Wait is Eorzea a continent or a planet? I don’t know this game very well apparently. *scratches head, looking puzzled*

Slight diversion to see the Binding Coil raids:

I’ve always wondered who the twins’ parents are. They never talk about them.
Wonder twin powers, activate! (I’m sure I’m not the first to make that joke.)
See you back in the future.

Meanwhile, back in Stormblood:

I wonder if you can get outfits like these.
Probably best to stay out of her way.
Calm before the storm.
Tolkien’s eagles were here the whole time!
Many of the bows in Stormblood appear to be medieval torture devices. This one has a saw blade on it!!

2 thoughts on “FFXIV – Even More Stormblood In Pictures”

  1. The planet’s name is Hydaelyn (the same as the Mother Crystal) and Eorzea is a continent (I believe).


    Actually, horses are known to Doma and the nearby lands, but chocobos aren’t. There have been several quests over the years where Domans don’t quite know what to do about the strange “horsebirds.”


    This is, of course, a joke referring back to the time when chocobos were actually (accidentaly?) called horsebirds in the game. Like, for real:


    1. Ah okay, thanks for the info! I remember that chocobo perfume quest but the meaning went right over my head. :) The only thing I remember about chocobos and horses was that old Heavensturm (sp?) event.

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