Games Played – January 2017

Bust of Janus, from Wikimedia Commons. Get it? Janus? January? Hey any picture is better than nothing.

Better late than never, here are the games I played in January, according to ManicTime:

Final Fantasy XIV 76 hrs
Elder Scrolls Online 15 hrs
Lord of the Rings Online 12 hrs
Morrowind 7 hrs
Novus Inceptio 2 hrs
Star Wars: The Old Republic 2 hrs

(Only games played 2 hours or more shown.)

Despite an attempt to get back into ESO, it was FFXIV that kept my attention the most, at least until I ran into a progression roadblock and dropped it for Conan Exiles in February.

More End Of Year Charts!

Everyone is making a chart of their gaming for the year (Belghast, Liore, and Wilhelm at least), so I thought I’d see if I could get ManicTime to export something into Excel. After judicious flipping, coloring, and rearranging, this is what I got:


My data only starts in February, so January is missing. It probably might have had some WoW in there, but definitely more SWTOR and FFXIV.

I’m a little disappointed to see that ManicTime is dead wrong about some of the times it recorded. For example, I played a lot more Witcher 3 than it thinks I did–Steam reports 134 hours. Steam also reports that I played 295 hours of Dark Souls II. Ditto Fallout 4, which should be 110 hours. I don’t know what ManicTime was thinking. Maybe I need to look for another tracking program.

I was actually surprised to see that I logged into Guild Wars 2 every month. I can only speculate that it’s because it’s one of the quickest MMORPGs to get into (ie. the time between clicking the desktop icon and the time you’re playing). Or possibly it was counting launcher times as well as playing time, because I run the launchers of most MMORPGs pretty often.

Progression Report – September 2015

September’s report is again pretty easy: No MMORPG progression, however quite a lot of Dark Souls progression. I started Dark Souls II on roughly the 5th and as of this writing, I’ve completed the main storyline and have moved on to the post-launch DLC content on my first character. I’ve been posting a video series of my play-through on YouTube for those who might be inclined to watch.

Dark Souls II Ancient Dragon

I’m starting to get a little tired of the Dark Souls rabbit hole (the Dark Souls II DLC content is getting pretty frustrating), so I might finally get back to some MMORPGs soon. SWTOR is still beckoning with that 12x experience thing that is probably going to end when the expansion launches on October 27th, so I don’t have much time left. Of course I still have much to accomplish in FFXIV, but there’s no time limit there. Rift and Star Trek Online both have new stuff coming soon.

Progression Report – August 2015

August was a very easy month to summarize gaming-wise: Dark Souls, Dark Souls, and more Dark Souls, for a total of 132 hours. My Knight is about halfway through NG+ at the moment, and I can still see myself playing this game for a long time to come. I want to finish with my Sorcerer and my Thief, then try a Cleric and a Pyromancer.

Dark Souls Kiln of the First Flame

In the MMORPG space, my second and third most-played games in August were FFXIV and Skyforge, for a whopping one hour each. I would like to get back to leveling in FFXIV, SWTOR, and possibly even STO. SWTOR has that 12x experience thing that I don’t want to miss (for subscribers only though I think). I might have already missed the super-fast leveling event(s?) in STO. The Rift Primalist is on the horizon as well. And through my hazy Dark Souls fog I think I heard that Heart of Thorns now has a release date, which means maybe I should try to finish that cursed Living Story.

P.S. Thanks to Belghast for naming me a Blaugust Survivor!

Progression Report – July 2015

Blaugust Day 2

Dark Souls Elite Knight

July was a quiet gaming month for me. Work continues to be hectic, and I’ve also gotten it into my head that I might try to take a Microsoft exam so I spent a lot of time reading and studying.

It was around the end of July last year that I lost my job–not from anything I did, but from a contract changing hands to a different company. Fortunately nothing like that is going to happen this year. I’ve since resumed working on that project, but everything is different and more chaotic now as the ripple effects from the contract change continue to permeate everything and everybody.

But I digress. I spent by far the most time playing Dark Souls in July (51 hours), reaching level 40 on my Knight. I defeated the Taurus Demon and the Bell Garygoles, rang the first bell, then defeated the Capra Demon and the Gaping Dragon on my way toward the second bell. I’m currently mired in Blighttown.

The Witcher 3 took second place for the month (11 hours) as I finished off the story and put it away, probably for good. I didn’t complete all of the side stories, but since I’m now into Dark Souls I don’t see myself going back. It was a great RPG, as was The Witcher 2. (The Witcher 1 was… well, different.)

Farewell Witcher 3
Farewell Ciri and Geralt

In FFXIV, I puttered around for about 5 hours of questing, gaining a whopping one level to reach 53. I have to admit it’s pretty nice to be back in the leveling phase and not have to “worry” about endgame for a while. As you can tell I’m not the type to race to the endgame in MMOs so it’ll probably be a while before I get to 60. I’m enjoying logging in, running a handful of quests, and then logging out again.

The only other MMORPG I played was Skyforge for about 4 hours. I honestly don’t know what level I am. Does it even have levels? Anyway I’m playing the Cryomancer class. I don’t really love the class, but I don’t want to play a tank or healer.

Progression Report – June 2015

There were only two games I played any significant amount in June: Final Fantasy XIV (28 hours) and The Witcher 3 (18 hours). The latter is not an MMORPG, but since it feels exactly like an MMORPG I’m going to count it in my progression report.

In FFXIV I started in on Heavensward, but to be honest I’m still a bit burned out from all the catching up I did in May, so I haven’t played that much into the expansion. I’ve only managed to level my Bard class from 50 to 53 52, and completed the first dungeon Dusk Vigil. It’s a great expansion…

… but it’s not as great as The Witcher 3, where I reached level 23 and played to the point in the story where the curse was lifted from Uma. I’m really glad I stuck with the hard difficulty. Once I got to level 12 or so, I no longer had any trouble with it. The main thing to keep in mind is that you have to be patient and fight defensively until you get stronger and get the hang of the controls. I don’t know how much more story is left in this game, but I’ve seen swords and armor that require at least level 37, and I still have a crap ton of question marks left to explore on the maps.

Progression Report – May 2015

With the exception of a few interminable days at a work conference, I spent the entire month of May playing nothing but FFXIV. That clocks in at 180 hours or an average of 6 hours a day, which is pretty much the maximum amount that I can play any game in a month. (Many of those hours were spent AFK, in case you’re wondering–I tend to leave FFXIV online because it’s a pain to log in with the security token.) I should probably back off in June or I’m going to be completely burned out when Heavensward hits.

Speaking of which, I finished the Main Scenario and I’m ready for said Heavensward. Next time I will try to stay more up-to-date. I didn’t realize there were so many important quests after 50.

As if the Main Scenario wasn’t enough, I also started on those campy Hildebrand quests–I didn’t know there were trials associated with that quest line, too.

My main Bard reached gear level 121. I’ve got two more accessories I can upgrade from 120 to 130 with Carboncoat but that’s probably as far as I’ll get before the expansion. With the mountains of Soldiery Tomestones I’ve been collecting, I’ve geared up my alternate DPS classes (Dragoon and Blast Mage) to nearly 110. I should be able to use any of the three for pretty much anything outside of Coil. I also buffed up my White Mage to 100, although I don’t much like healing level 50 content.

I haven’t read much of anything about Heavensward, but I’ve been assuming there will be no need to run Final Coil for gear after the expansion comes out.

Why are you making me wear this... this... thing?
Why are you making me wear this… this… thing?

In an unexpected development, it was bothering me that my Arcanist class was sitting at the uneven level of 23, so I went and leveled it to 30 and picked up the Scholar and Summoner jobs. There it will likely sit until needed for lower level content. I’m just not fond of the way pets work in FFXIV–I couldn’t even tell you why.

In crafting, I’ve worked Leatherworker up to 50. (I picked LTW for no other reason than it was at 16 instead of 15.) I’ve also gained a few levels in other random crafting classes from doing those daily supply missions. I started doing crafting missions for the Ixal as well, which is yet another thing I didn’t even know was in the game. It was a lot of experience at the beginning but now not so much. I don’t really have any crafting goals except to slowly make newer cloth crafting and gathering gear with my weaver.

I looked briefly at buying a personal house, but those things are hella expensive, and there aren’t any plots left anyway. I don’t know why I would even need one except as a repository for housing items that show up in my inventory from time to time. (For example, I just got a Hildebrand painting as a veteran reward.)

Progression Report – April

Oh crap, I forgot to write one of these for April.

Well, it’s not hard to figure it out.

I started out playing mainly Star Trek Online and made it to, I don’t know, 30something I guess, and then I was bitten by the FFXIV bug again and spent the rest of the month there. Final tally: STO 34 hours, FFXIV 127 hours. (Though I’m sure at least 25% of those FFXIV hours were AFK time.)

My progression in FFXIV is further documented here, here, and here. Basically, I reached 50 in Black Mage and Alchemist, and obtained more and better gear for Bard and Dragoon from Syrcus Tower and World of Darkness. And I completed the Main Scenario up to the Snowcloak dungeon quest.