Games Played – June 2017

That’s a dragon, not a xenomorph from Alien.

With the release of Stormblood, Final Fantasy XIV returns to become my most-played game of June. The hours below are padded a bit because I frequently left the game running while I was AFK.

  • Final Fantasy XIV – 70 hours
  • Dark Souls III (The Ringed City DLC) – 9 hours
  • Secret World Legends – 3 hours

Games Played – March 2017

Why yes, I *am* still looking for a picture for these posts. From Wikimedia.

I strive for timeliness here at the ol’ blog, so here is what I played in March. You might possibly detect a theme. Besides the nearly 100% lack of MMORPGs.

  • Mass Effect 3 – 42 hours
  • 7 Days To Die – 39 hours
  • Mass Effect 2 – 31 hours
  • Mass Effect 1 – 23 hours
  • Mass Effect Andromeda – 2 hours
  • Factorio – 2 hours
  • Shroud of the Avatar – 1 hour
  • Revelation Online – 1 hour

Just for the record, I also spent 39 hours in Movie Studio Platinum. And then my USB hard drive crashed and I lost every bit of that work.

Games Played – February 2017

It’s a heart. Valentine’s Day? February? A perfectly logical picture for this post.

Games played in February, according to ManicTime. A pretty strong survival game theme here. :)

  • 7 Days To Die – 67 hours
  • Conan Exiles – 62 hours\*
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider – 9 hours
  • ARK – 4 hours
  • The Secret World – 2 hours
  • ESO – 2 hours

* Conan Exiles approximated since ManicTime counted every new version as a different game.


Games Played – January 2017

Bust of Janus, from Wikimedia Commons. Get it? Janus? January? Hey any picture is better than nothing.

Better late than never, here are the games I played in January, according to ManicTime:

Final Fantasy XIV 76 hrs
Elder Scrolls Online 15 hrs
Lord of the Rings Online 12 hrs
Morrowind 7 hrs
Novus Inceptio 2 hrs
Star Wars: The Old Republic 2 hrs

(Only games played 2 hours or more shown.)

Despite an attempt to get back into ESO, it was FFXIV that kept my attention the most, at least until I ran into a progression roadblock and dropped it for Conan Exiles in February.

More End Of Year Charts!

Everyone is making a chart of their gaming for the year (Belghast, Liore, and Wilhelm at least), so I thought I’d see if I could get ManicTime to export something into Excel. After judicious flipping, coloring, and rearranging, this is what I got:


My data only starts in February, so January is missing. It probably might have had some WoW in there, but definitely more SWTOR and FFXIV.

I’m a little disappointed to see that ManicTime is dead wrong about some of the times it recorded. For example, I played a lot more Witcher 3 than it thinks I did–Steam reports 134 hours. Steam also reports that I played 295 hours of Dark Souls II. Ditto Fallout 4, which should be 110 hours. I don’t know what ManicTime was thinking. Maybe I need to look for another tracking program.

I was actually surprised to see that I logged into Guild Wars 2 every month. I can only speculate that it’s because it’s one of the quickest MMORPGs to get into (ie. the time between clicking the desktop icon and the time you’re playing). Or possibly it was counting launcher times as well as playing time, because I run the launchers of most MMORPGs pretty often.

Progression Report – September 2015

September’s report is again pretty easy: No MMORPG progression, however quite a lot of Dark Souls progression. I started Dark Souls II on roughly the 5th and as of this writing, I’ve completed the main storyline and have moved on to the post-launch DLC content on my first character. I’ve been posting a video series of my play-through on YouTube for those who might be inclined to watch.

Dark Souls II Ancient Dragon

I’m starting to get a little tired of the Dark Souls rabbit hole (the Dark Souls II DLC content is getting pretty frustrating), so I might finally get back to some MMORPGs soon. SWTOR is still beckoning with that 12x experience thing that is probably going to end when the expansion launches on October 27th, so I don’t have much time left. Of course I still have much to accomplish in FFXIV, but there’s no time limit there. Rift and Star Trek Online both have new stuff coming soon.