A Podcast Experiment

I’m excited and terrified to announce that I’m launching an experimental podcast project tentatively called Main Quest and you–yes you–can listen to the first two episodes right here! Well, down below a bit, anyway.

Have you ever been sitting at work, or driving your car, or waiting at the dentist, and thought, “I wish I could listen to the story from a game right now?”

Well I have. A lot. So much so that I’ve recorded a lot of my own gameplay with OBS over the last two or three years, converted it to mp3s, and put them on my phone, just so I could listen to them at work. (I’ve never been able to play videos or watch Twitch at work.)

So I had an idea to take this concept a bit further and create a “Let’s Listen” podcast. It’s similar to a Let’s Play video series, but it uses only the sounds and voices from the game itself, with occasional narration added to set the scene,  mercilessly edited down to include only the most essential parts of the story. When it’s done, it sounds a bit like an old radio serial.

It’s an homage to the voice acting, sound design, and music that goes into great games.

I’m starting with Fallout 4, since it happens to be the game that I just finished playing. It’s also one of the great story games out there. (But basically any game with a voiced protagonist could work for this.)

I can hear you saying now, “That’s a genius idea! How can I listen to this masterpiece right away??”

Here is the podcast link for your podcatcher of choice:


Someday you might be able to search for it with ease, but for now you’ll have to type it in manually. I still have to figure out all that “submitting your feed to iTunes” nonsense.

If you’re really impatient, I’ve also put the first two episodes on SoundCloud, so I could put their fancy schmancy embedded player right in this post. The first two episodes cover the Fallout 4 introduction/tutorial and Out of Time quests, and you can listen to them by clicking the big orange play button right here:

If all goes well, there will be roughly 23 of these episodes.