A Year Of Blog Stats

Way back in April, Endgame Viable became a year old, statistically speaking. That is to say, in April, I had accumulated my first full year of WordPress site statistics. (The Endgame Viable “brand” was actually born on October 16, 2013, while the first post on this blog–ie. the database that powers this blog–was June 29, 2012.) I’m not one to keep a close eye on statistics, but they can be useful to see what “works” and what “doesn’t work,” and some new bloggers might be interested in what I’ve learned.

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A WordPress engineer calculating blog statistics. (Not really.)

The biggest thing I learned: People really love to search for information about ArcheAge. My most popular posts and incoming search terms–by far–have been about ArcheAge. So if you’re starting a new blog and you’re looking for a subject that will rocket you to stardom, I’d recommend ArcheAge. In particular I’d recommend topics on how to cheat… errr… get ahead in ArcheAge. :)

The most popular non-ArcheAge post I did was the one about the Best Subscription MMO. Not surprising given that the title is the exact phrase you’d type into a search engine.

Back in April and May of 2014, a lot of my referents came from Facebook. In June of 2014, they faded, and then in July, they stopped. I have no idea why or how people came from Facebook or why they stopped. (I have a page for Endgame Viable on Facebook but I’ve never done anything to cultivate it, and I stopped crossposting to it in January.) If anyone is reading this from Facebook, um, why are you doing that? :)

Apparently there’s this thing called “spam referrers.” I got a big chunk of referrers from places called buttons-for-website.com and make-money-online.com. I added some rewrites to my .htaccess to block them, but they keep changing their domain names every month though so that’s probably a losing effort. Now I just click the “spam” link in WordPress to hide them.

After search engines, Twitter is my second-highest traffic referrer. Except while Facebook was referring and it was my second-highest traffic referrer. (Seems like I should put Facebook integration on the old todo list.)

I got more comments on this blog in February 2015 than any other month.. I have no idea why. (This month is looking pretty good so far too.)

Looking at the most popular posts month-by-month, it seems pretty obvious that the most viewed ones tend to be reviews or first impressions. That seems logical, since those are probably the kinds of posts that come up in searches.

I don’t do anything to track RSS views. Now that I think about it, I don’t know if WordPress counts them in their statistics… probably not. Maybe I should look into that.

Posted on Blaugust Day 12. Read all of my Blaugust posts here.

A Brief Word About That Controversy

I generally try to avoid industry politics on this blog, unless it relates to in-game politics. (Like raiders versus casuals.) Which is why I don’t have much to say about the recent kerfuffle known as GamerGate.

But I will say that I fully support equality and inclusiveness among gamers and I find personal threats against anyone loathsome. I try to cling to the possibly naive belief that truly despicable people are a very small, very loud minority.

On the off chance that any vitriol appears in the comments of this blog, I won’t hesitate to delete it.

Trying New Things In May

The Newbie Blogger Initiative runs through May, so, to celebrate, I thought I would try a couple of new things and see what happens.

T-Day Streaming

I’m going to do a regular stream during the month of May. The stream will run Tuesdays and Thursdays at roughly 7:00 PM Eastern Time for about an hour, starting on May 1. You can find me at http://twitch.tv/endgameviable.

Why would I do such a crazy thing? Well, everyone else is doing it, and we are all slaves to trendiness. I often talk to myself or the game while I’m playing anyway, so I might as well click on the “broadcast” button while I’m doing it. Also, I want to create an example of the kind of stream that I prefer to watch.

What kind of stream is it going to be? Well, it’ll be MMORPGs, obviously. And pretty casual. Possibly informative and/or amusing. My target audience won’t be hardcore gamers.

At this time I am planning to stream ArcheAge, because it’s all the rage. Other possibilities include ESO and … well, that’s about it. ArcheAge or ESO. Maybe I’ll alternate between them.

NPC Fiction

I saw that one of the topics for this year’s NBI is “Creative writing articles and guides.” I wouldn’t presume to try tackling the vastness of a guide on creative writing, but a while back I had an idea for some writing exercises, and this seems like the perfect time to give it a try.

The goal of my project is to write very short pieces of fiction, perhaps as little as 1,000 words each. The inspiration for the fiction will come from a random NPC in an MMORPG, preferably one who doesn’t otherwise have a part in a quest. You know how you sometimes run across an NPC who doesn’t seem to do anything but add atmosphere to an area? He or she may not even have any lines to speak, or may not even have a name beyond something generic like “Pact Soldier.” Those are the ones I mean. Why are they there? What are they thinking about? What are their dreams? If you could interact with those NPCs, what would they say? What quests might they give out?

So I will try to publish a short fiction related to those NPCs every Sunday during May. (I suppose technically it would be “fan fiction.”)

Melanthius Is Open

I had this impulse to put all my gaming-related posts on a new site, so here it is. I had the melanthius.com domain sitting around doing nothing, so it seemed like a fine time to put it to use.

Needless to say, I will be modifying the theme considerably. I am not sure why all of the “gaming” WordPress themes all look the same: Awful. The only thing I will salvage will probably be the color scheme and possibly the Opal font (I don’t know what it’s actually called, but on the Amiga, the super-rounded-letters font was called Opal).