Blaugust 2015 Posts

I do enjoy punishing myself by creating needless HTML, so this page is where I will store the list of my Blaugust 2015 posts. For those who might be interested I will also note when I started each post, because it’s very rare for me to publish something at the same time that I write it, and I’ll also write a bit of “behind-the-scenes” about each post.

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Day 1 – Dark Souls – Capra Demon Defeated. Created 7/27. This was a fun post to write. I felt like I was writing out that boss fight like a fictional fight scene.

Day 2 – Progression Report – July 2015. Created 7/26. A standard post I try to write every month.

Day 3 – A Dream About Enemy Base Infiltration. Created 8/2. I realized at the end of July that, despite what I might wish, I would not be able to schedule every single post for August beforehand. This was my first attempt to sit down with a blank page and try to write a new post from scratch. It’s not a post I particularly like, but I was glad to be able to get over that hump.

Day 4 – YouTube Gaming Or Something Like It. Created 7/26. I started this in a panic, thinking I would never in a million years be able to come up with thirty-one different posts on thirty-one different topics. I was surprised at the interest it generated.

Day 5 – Dark Souls – Gaping Dragon Defeated. Created 7/28. Another boss fight, fun to write about, probably boring to read.

Day 6 – The Wild Internet Frontier. Created 8/4. The concept for this post had been brewing in my mind for months, and I thought I might post it on an entirely different blog, until I realized that Smedley was directly related to it.

Day 7 – Rift – The Primalist Announcement. Created 8/6. For this post I was deliberately going to pick out something from the news to write about, and the Primalist jumped out at me as the first thing that interested me. As it turned out, I didn’t have as much to say about it as I thought, and I had a hard time finding a picture for it. (I didn’t want to post the same picture that everyone else did.)

Day 8 – Skyforge – Sound Design Matters. Created 8/8. Wrote quickly on Saturday morning because I still didn’t want to post my Elite: Dangerous post yet. First Blaugust post published on the same day it was written. Hopefully the last, because to me it’s a sign of panic and desperation.

Day 9 – The Elite: Dangerous Expansion And Value. Created 8/5. I kept bumping this post for days because I didn’t like the way I had written it, but I bit the bullet and published it anyway.

Day 10 – Reactions To WoW Legion. Created 8/9. I don’t like the way this post is written, because it’s verbose and meanders around several topics and side bars. I like to keep my posts focused on one thing. But, you know, Blaugust and all.

Day 11 – Game Developers Aren’t Slaves. Created 6/13. I didn’t really want to post this because I felt it was too controversial, but I also didn’t feel like writing a new post, so I pulled it out of my Drafts.

Day 12 – A Year Of Blog Stats. Created 3/15 (really). I generally try to avoid posting about statistics, which was why this was languishing in my Drafts, but I was on the verge of falling behind and I really, really needed a post.

Day 13 – Dark Souls – Chaos Witch Quelaag Defeated. Created 8/12.

Day 14 – Dark Souls – Moonlight Butterfly Defeated. Created 8/13.

Day 15 – Created 8/15.

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