Stranger Guildies

It was a light, ordinary evening in Rift. I did a blissfully un-dramatic random expert SL dungeon (Archive of Flesh) with a good tank/healer duo and ended up with a nice purple mage dagger at the end, which is probably the best I will ever see until or unless I start raiding.

So I’m in this guild, right? But it’s one of those guilds that basically takes anyone, no-questions-asked, so it’s got thousands of random people in it, so I see a lot of fellow guildies out in the wild even though I don’t know any of them. It makes it somewhat awkward. Sometimes I’m grouped with a guildie in a dungeon but I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything or not. Like, “Hey guildie who is a complete stranger that I’ve never seen before, what’s up?” Am I supposed to greet them? I usually opt for silence when in doubt.

I spent some time last night working on optimizing my Pyromancer rotation. I could read a guide – and I have – but it sticks in my head better if I work things out on my own. I added a separate key just for Fireballs when Extinguish procs so I don’t waste them (my spam macro throws Flamebolts before Fireballs). Then I did something I should have done long ago: Setup KaruulAlert.

I only use three Addons for Rift: One is a damage meter of course, and the second is the King Boss Mod which everyone used to expect you to have for raiding.

The third is this thing called KaruulAlert, which is a very complicated Addon to setup and use, but I’m starting to fall in love with it. It appeals to my programmer nature. It lets you setup “alerts” that trigger when your abilities are ready, buffs are expiring, or just about anything else you can think of. The “alert” is just a picture or text that shows up on the screen to notify you. The idea is get a reminder to tell you when to hit certain abilities so you can maximize your effectiveness.

No, it’s not cheating. Shut up.

For example, I setup one to alert me when my Charge is over 100, so I know when to trigger the Internalize Charge ability, which increases damage. Previously, I had to glance up at my charge meter periodically, and most of the time, I forgot to do that. I setup another alert to tell me when I have 5 stacks of Combust on the target, so I know when it’s safe to use Fusillade. And I setup alerts for when a bunch of abilities come off of cooldown.

(Incidentally, I just noticed last night that Heatwave resets all your cooldowns. Doh! Now I need to remember never to trigger Heatwave without hitting Fusillade first, because then I can throw two Fusillades almost back to back. Fusillade-Heatwave-Fusillade. Big damage there. Other than that nifty trick, it doesn’t look like Heatwave is nearly as effective as it used to be.) I tried out the Silverwood/Freemarch Invasion event thingy. I mentored my 60 down to 14 and went to Silverwood for a couple of invasions. It brought back memories of beta and launch. Ah, those were the good old days, when there were invasions all the time and nobody knew what they were doing. This event is clearly a ploy by Trion to populate lowbie areas and get us high-levels to interact more with F2P players, but it was still kind of fun. I don’t understand the gift boxes though. I can only assume there’s some kind of achievement to be gained by throwing gifts at NPCs.

I’m glad to see that they now nerf high-level people in low-level zones so they can’t one-shot the event bosses and ruin everyone’s fun like they used to. Still, I once saw a 50+ run in to tank an event boss that was scattering people left and right in Freemarch a while back. He may not have been doing any damage, but he was sure generating plenty of threat. (I know this because I was on my lowbie tank at the time and kept getting swatted like a fly because nobody was healing.)

Healer Meltdown

I did one random expert 60 last night with my mage and got into Golem Foundry, which is one I know fairly well now (thanks to many previous PUG wipes). Everything went fine until the tank accidentally needed on a green dimension item before the last boss (the aptly-named Manslaughter) and for some reason the healer had a complete meltdown about it. None of us even noticed (including the tank) but the healer took it as a personal insult or something and we had to kick him because he stopped healing the tank. (I should point out that the tank *said* it was an accident – maybe he was secretly plotting and maneuvering to get that green dimension item all along – though I highly doubt it, since he offered to give it to the healer – who refused.) So there’s another one for the ol’ ignore list.

It took a good ten minutes to get a replacement healer, and I think it ended up being a friend of the tank’s. Which just goes to show how few healers queue for random PUGs. I would guess that maybe one in fifty people in the queue are tanks or healers, if that. And I hate to say it, but it seems like a 50/50 shot as to whether you’ll get a helpful one or a complete tool.

Then I jumped on my Bahmi warrior for another tanking of RotF. This time the group was more impatient, and kept pulling crap left and right, because, again, it’s so easy it really doesn’t matter what you do. It’s not good if you actually want to learn though, because it does not encourage proper group tactics. If DPS tried to pull stuff willie nillie in, say, an expert dungeon, they would probably wipe the group and get kicked.

I replaced Tempest with Warlord and got the "yank" ability (Sergeant’s Order), which is pretty cool. Unfortunately I lost all ranged attacks. I still couldn’t compete with the threat of people’s tank pets (rogues always bring their stupid pigs) or even their DPS but I figure that’s normal at that level. Maybe I’ll re-jigger my build for more DPS.

After that it was after 8pm, so I just went back to crafting. I got my mage’s Artificer skill up over 300, so I can now start runebreaking my own rings and wands for the Grandmaster Runecrafting dailies. Unfortunately I don’t have a ready source of metals or gems to actually make things. My two mining gatherers are still 50/51. Since f2p, I could buy a slot for the mining profession on my mage, which I will probably do just to have it. I leveled butchering on my 50 cleric from 1-300 in only a few hours, so it shouldn’t take me long to get mining up to 300 either.

Newbie Tanking Realm of the Fae (Normal)

I now present my newbie tanking guide for Realm of the Fae (Normal). I am roughly two years late in writing this guide, but it’s actually hard to find a guide like this that isn’t written by a theorycrafter who is used to max level tanking.

You can queue for RotF at level 15, but it’s probably better to wait until level 16 so you can bring an AoE attack ability with you.

Don’t worry, you can’t mess it up, even with terrible gear and the wrong build, standing in all of the fire. If you should happen to die, it will probably be the healer’s fault for going completely AFK or not paying attention.

(UPDATE: Okay, you can mess it up, if you over-pull mobs. Don’t be a hero. Also, try not to use the Champion ability Mark of Inevitability, because it can unexpectedly get the attention of mobs from far away. This applies to melee DPS warriors, too.)

Your one and only real responsibility through the whole dungeon is to keep mobs from killing the healer. Pull them away with whatever “lure” abilities you have. If the healer dies, it’s your fault. (If DPS dies, it’s usually their fault for pulling too much aggro.) Use your AoE attack ability when you run to trash mobs and you should get their attention. But keep in mind that it is fairly normal at this level for one or more of the DPS – or even the healer – to pull threat away from you. If you get an impatient group, they may even run ahead and pull mobs before you. You can try to instruct them that it’s not cool to do that, but personally I wouldn’t bother in the first dungeon. Just don’t let anybody kill the healer.

If multiple mobs are attacking, try to lure them together into one place so the DPS can use AoE ground target spells. Pull ranged casters to you if possible (using the Warlod ability Sergeant’s Order), or drag melee attackers to the ranged guy.

Spring trash: Winged faes, satyrs, and wandering ents. A lot of casters. It’s probably good to start out slower, in case there are any first-time party members.

Maellow: Make sure the rest of the party kills the two side dudes first. Almost everyone knows this, but on the off chance you get a whole group that doesn’t, tell them you can’t kill Maellow until his sidekicks are dead.

Summer trash: Bogglings and little swarming turtles; more ranged casters.

Luggodhan: Back out of the slime puddle he drops. Avoid the purple circles he throws around. (As long as your healer is awake, it’s not a big deal if you don’t.)

Fall trash: Vespids and satyrs, mostly melee. People sometimes like to gather up tons of mobs together to get through it faster. If you don’t do it, someone else might. Regardless, get them into one place to burn them down with AoE.

Atrophinius: Turn him away from the party and position your back to something solid or you will get knocked back a lot. (It’s not a big deal if you don’t, though.) There’s a fair amount of dialog before he starts attacking, so somebody might trigger him before you’re done with the trash. Don’t worry about it.

Winter trash: Air elementals. They are kind of far apart which is annoying if you want to gather them.

Fae Lord Twyl: Kill all the stuff that comes out of the portals and all of the adds first. In the final fight when Twyl himself appears, move away from the spinning disk on the ground. (It’s not a big deal if you don’t, though.) (UPDATE: Also, don’t forget to turn Twyl away from the party – it is a big deal if you forget to do so, because Twyl throws a cone attack in front of him called Arc of Frost, which can easily wipe a party. Most people don’t even know he does this – I didn’t until I was playing DPS and observed the party dying inexplicably.)

Tanking Realm of the Fae

So I tanked Realm of the Fae on my level 16 Bahmi warrior for the first time, using a Reaver/Paladin/Tempest build. (Technically you can queue for it at 15, but I waited until 16 so I had an AoE attack.) I was pretty nervous beforehand – tanking is stressful for me, and I had not seen RotF in about a year, and who knows what they might have changed for Storm Legion. But as it turns out, RotF is just as easy as all the guides say it is, and nothing’s really changed. In fact, it’s actually not a good place to learn tanking, because you can do just about everything wrong and still survive.

I would rate my performance as average, which I don’t think is bad considering the circumstances. I lost threat a bunch on the trash mobs, but a) you don’t have many threat tools at 16, and b) everyone spammed DPS the whole time and rarely waited for the tank. A couple of times I accidentally pulled too much trash, though, because my health dropped alarmingly low.

The bosses were not difficult. They had almost no mechanics to worry about – far less than I remember, actually, unless I’m thinking of the expert dungeon. Trickster Maellow did nothing to me. (At first I tried to taunt his two companions until I remembered they don’t actually attack anyone.) The big turtle Luggodhan dropped slime at his feet, but it didn’t exactly hurt to stand in it. (I moved anyway for the practice.) Battlemaster Atrophinius didn’t do anything to me except possibly a stun. (I read in the guides about a cleave, and I was waiting to dodge it, but I never saw it.) Only the last guy Twyl did anything potentially dangerous, which was freezing everyone in place (I didn’t see any way to avoid it). The whirly floor thing never touched anyone though. Honestly some of the trash encounters were more damaging to me than the bosses.

Next time, I think I will replace Tempest with Warlord, so I can get that ability to pull ranged opponents to you. I’m not at all sure why I didn’t do that to begin with. And I will make some adjustments to my hotkeys – I had a "pull" key that had Soul Sickness and Shock Pulse macroed, but I will change it to just Soul Sickness. Then I’ll change my "threat" key from Grim Lure alone to a macro of the Warlord Pull, Grim Lure, and Soul Sickness.

Pacing is an important part of tanking, I think. I went at what I would call an average pace – I stopped for most trash encounters, in other words, and didn’t skip much (some of that was not my choice though). I also waited until the current encounter was dead before moving on. I’m sure I could have gone faster and chain-pulled multiple trash encounters at a time, and if anyone had asked, I would have, but the party didn’t seem to mind what I was doing.

Personally, I like tanks that find a nice balance between too fast and too slow. Tanks that go "too fast" in my opinion are the ones that chain-pull and don’t ever stop running, which I saw a lot in Abyssal Precipice. Or pull without any regard for how well the healer can keep up. On the other hand, a tank that goes "too slow" spends a lot of time standing around figuring out the optimal way to pull trash. Tanks really shouldn’t stand still too much except during combat, in my opinion. Most of the time, when in doubt, it’s better to just run ahead and depend on the DPS to blow stuff away and the healer to keep you alive.

I actually got two nice tank pieces out of RotF. :) So I think I’ll do it two or three more times depending on how fast I level, until I feel completely comfortable with it, then go on to Iron Tombs, which I don’t know as well. I seem to recall that it’s kind of long.

Drama Queen Tanks

So I tried to get in a random expert with my mage, something I try to do at least once a day. It was Archive of Flesh, and right away the support guy says it’s his first time. No problem, it’s the right thing to say that up front and actually pretty ballsy because most people don’t admit it. :) For a while, he did basically no DPS so he was actually trying to play a support role – normally not required unless the healer requests it, but no big deal to me. As long as we clear the dungeon in a reasonable time frame (which to me is maybe less than 45 min), I don’t really care how it’s done.

(As a side note here, I’m noticing that the failure rate of random SL expert dungeons is way higher than it was for random classic expert dungeons back in the day. It could just be that there are a lot of returning players and fresh 60s now because of the f2p conversion, though. Or maybe it’s because SL dungeons require some kind of participation from every single player, whereas with the old dungeons you could get away with one or two people not knowing anything.)

Anyway, back to the PUG, when we got to the first boss Tzul I expected the tank to say something about the fight, which is not difficult for ranged DPS but you definitely have to stay ranged, and you have to cross the bridge at one point. (I knew this from the first time I ran Archive of Flesh, where the tank was nice enough to explain that.) But this tank charged in without saying a word. (At least he did a ready check.) We got through it and the second boss, but then we ran into trouble on the third boss, the crustacean chick who floods the hall.

I thought I was doing fine, but then I got clobbered by one of Emphalea’s unavoidable tridents and died. (At least I think they’re unavoidable.) I didn’t stand in any bubbles, none of the sparkly orbs hit me, I got on the pedastal at the right time. Unavoidable damage pretty much means it’s up to the healer to keep you alive, and sometimes you get a random crit that kills you no matter what, which is what I think happened. My health isn’t exactly spectacular, you know, ’cause I’m a mage. The healer (who was awesome, btw) combat rezzed me right away but I couldn’t get oriented in time to get on a pedastal before the next flood, and soon after the whole group wiped.

(In retrospect, I don’t see why they couldn’t have finished that boss one man short. Or even two men short, because the support guy wasn’t doing much damage. I’ve seen plenty of bosses finished with three people in experts before. I suspect that the tank couldn’t maintain his tanking long enough to compensate for the slower DPS.)

Well then the tank starts talking about how bad my DPS is and how his pyromancer pulls 8k dps without even trying and whatnot. I’m like wtf. In that fight I had done around 6k and that was after getting killed. Usually I’m closer to 7k. Which I know full well is nowhere near optimal but I’m still learning SL rotations and gearing up and honestly I’m more concerned with memorizing the fights anyway. I said something to that effect, but then he goes into a whole “learn in normal dungeons” and “I don’t even need to do this” and “I only need raid gear” tirade like I should have been grateful that he came down from on high to tank for us low-lifes. I’m like wtf again. I’m the problem here? Are you kidding? Has this guy ever played a PUG dungeon before? Tons of people are way worse than me. The support guy in our own party was doing like 2k even after switching to DPS! Anyway, the rest of the party jumped in to defend me, which was pretty awesome. I wanted to put him on my ignore list right away, but I didn’t want to risk missing any crucial information in the rest of the dungeon. (The tank traditionally directs the battles.)

It took us two more tries to finish that boss. I admit part of that was my fault because I didn’t really care to help anymore. :) When we were done the tank got a shield drop (a blue one!) that he said he could use! Only needs raid gear, indeed. I mean wtf. Anyway the next boss was that one in the small room with the orange circles on the ground you have to avoid. We kept getting killed there, and to make a long story short, the tank left.

There’s two things about that episode that bother me. It doesn’t really bother me that the tank was a tool, because those kind of “elitist jerks” are fairly common in MMOs (though usually you can avoid/ignore them). It doesn’t even bother me that I got called out for sub-par DPS, because obviously my DPS is going to be sub-par until I learn all the rotations and fights by heart. Also, to be honest, I’m not nearly as committed to gaming perfectionism as I once was. (Oh and to be clear, I should point out that my stats were well above the minimum requirements for an expert dungeon – ~425 Hit, ~1500 Int, ~3300 SP, so it’s not like I was just scraping by the requirements.)

The biggest thing that bothered me is that it annoyed me enough to affect my playing! I mean after that I wanted to actively reduce my DPS just to annoy him, and I’m positive I died the next time because I just wasn’t paying enough attention. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I woke up two hours before my alarm went off and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was still annoyed about it! What’s that about? It’s just some random jerk in a game. After he left, I put him on ignore, so I’ll never see him again. And he is literally the only person who has ever called me out like that for sub-par performance in a PUG dungeon since I started playing in them, like over a year ago. So I know from experience that this kind of tank is rare overall, and particularly rare in Rift. The vast majority of tanks are fine upstanding citizens, and a lot of them are actually helpful and nice. (The healer in this group, who said he was also a tank, would have been an awesome one.)

I think the other thing that really bothered me is that I didn’t have a suitably biting, sarcastic response at hand. :) So I’m now going to brainstorm and write down some of the things I could have said.

“Okay, well, thanks for sharing.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize we needed raid gear to do expert dungeons.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize your tank was so squishy.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize so much was at stake for you.”

“Sorry, I’ll switch to my Elementalist spec.” (I love this one. I can imagine a tank going purple with rage after he sees me summon a rock pet.)

So this doesn’t happen again, I think in the future I will avoid playing any kind of PUG before bed, so I’ll stay out of queues after 8 pm. That way I’ll always be able to do something relaxing like fishing or crafting dailies before bed.

Mentored Healing Attempts

I queued for healing twice with my mage last night. I ticked the "Mentor" checkbox and a Random Normal dungeon, because I’m a chicken, and wanted to see if I remembered anything at all about Chloromancer.

So first I got into Storm Breaker Protocol, one of the SL dungeons. First I hit as healer, then someone refused, then I hit as a DPS. When I arrived, the group had just gotten beyond the mech suits. The other four guys were all guildies, and I assume they were all talking on some kind of Ventrillo thing because they were otherwise silent.

I’m a pretty tolerant player, especially in Normal dungeons, but this group was just bad. Like all four of them had just bought their accounts on eBay and jumped into a level 54 dungeon right away. It took them forever just to get up the hill past the trash mobs and into position to take on the bug boss. Why they didn’t just kill the trash mobs on the hill I’ll never know – it would have been fifty times faster than sneaking around them. I understand why experts skip them, but these guys were clearly not experts.

They finally attacked the bug boss after what I assume was a long conversation among themselves about strategy. Maybe they were role-playing or something. I knew it was going to be bad, but oh lord. I was in my Harbinger build because I wanted to try melee DPS, so I ran up and started pounding on the boss’s back. I was doing plenty of DPS for this group. I have no idea what the healer and support guys were doing, because I watched as the waves of adds crept up the hill and wiped us because we couldn’t kill the bug boss fast enough. As I’d only done Storm Breaker in experts, I had never seen the adds creeping up the hill before – because the boss usually goes down pretty fast – so I didn’t know what to do about them.

That whole process took about a half hour. I left and took the half-hour abandonment penalty. They probably now think I’m one of those spoiled guys that quits after every wipe, but I don’t care. There’s a minimum competence line, and they were way short of it. At a bare minimum, I expect PUGs in a level 50+ normal dungeon queue to understand that it’s not cool to keep people waiting too much. They had four people for god’s sake, if they wanted to go at their own glacial exploration pace, they should have done it without pulling someone in from the queue. (Though I can see why they needed more DPS – on that one boss, 3 out of 5 basically had zero.)

(Now when I go into RotF at level 16, I fully expect there to be people who don’t know what to do, or who maybe have never been in a dungeon before and don’t know any etiquette. That’s understandable. But come on, Storm Breaker Protocol is like the 10th dungeon. Can they really have gotten through 10 dungeons without learning any PUG etiquette?)

After that debacle I leveled my Bahmi warrior for a while, then came back for another try at heals. This time I got into Abyssal Precipice as a healer. Ah AP, a blast from the past!

I was quite rusty, it turned out, so I’m glad I started on normal. This group was better than the first, but they were definitely not pros either. They were probably all returning players trying to remember how to play. Like me.

It took me a while to remember that healers are supposed to cleanse, too. We wiped on the second boss when the tank went charging in, pulling two water elementals and a horde of the little skitterers at the same time. We might have survived that, but I forgot to cleanse that Burning Blood debuff or whatever. When we all rezzed for the second try and I remembered to cleanse, the rest of the fight went easily.

Then I started to notice I wasn’t healing enough, and once or twice the support guy healed the tank. I finally realized I had forgotten to cast Synthesize on the tank after the wipe. Ugh! So embarrassing. At least I discovered it myself. After that the heals went smoothly.

At least until the end, when me and a DPS died. The boss does a huge party-wide damage that takes everyone down to 25% which I was unable to recover from. I hit my party heal but it only restored people to maybe 50%. In retrospect, I should have switched to Lifegiving Veil from Lifebound Veil and thrown a big-damage Ruin or something, but I didn’t have it setup on my bars.

Next time I do normals, I need to remember to change my wardrobe into something a little more casual. All of the guys in AP were wearing costumes instead of regular leveling gear. I stood out like a sore thumb in my cape and 60 expert dungeon gear as someone who was mentoring down.

I noticed what might be a bug in the raid frames. I thought that whenever an icon showed up on the frames, it was a debuff that I was supposed to cleanse. But many times I saw things that didn’t cleanse, or at least didn’t go away after I cleansed. Maybe I have a setting wrong. Or maybe it’s a side effect of the King Boss mod I use (which has minimal usefulness outside of actual raids). Anyway it was pretty annoying.

Low-Level Tanking

I’ve got MMO fever pretty bad right now – sorry IRL. :/ So I’m getting ready to start tanking RotF on my new Defiant warrior, and since I’m stuck at work for a while I thought I’d go lookup some up-to-date "low level tanking" guides first. Except there aren’t any. I found where someone asked for one on the forums, but the basic response from the tankerotti was, "Just do anything. The low level dungeons are so easy it doesn’t matter."

Okay, I understand that the people who have been raid tanking since EQ and writing detailed min-maxing guides probably find the low level dungeons too easy to bother with, and they could probably tank them in a full DPS spec, but some of us are still starting out, ya know? Rant over. They’re probably right, actually, but the very first time I tanked in an MMO was a guild run of Darkening Deeps around level 25 and I distinctly remember that I didn’t feel like I had the right tools for the job at hand. (Ie. threat generation.) Maybe it’s different now.

According to one thread ( there are two competing theories: Put all your points into one tree, or divide your points between two trees. I’m currently putting most of my points into Void Knight because I read somewhere else that it’s the standard tanking soul after SL, but I’m not convinced it’s going to work for me under level 20. I still don’t have an AoE damage ability, let alone an AoE threat-generating ability, and I don’t want to try to tank any dungeons without one of those.

This other thread ( advocates using Reaver for low-level tanking, which is something I can get behind, because I have a nostalgic soft spot for that soul. Once I got stuck having to solo defend the last node in an Iron Pine Peaks invasion and had to take on wave after wave of planar mobs by myself, and the AoE self-healing from that soul saved my bacon big time. (This was long before Fury of the Ascended, by the way. :) After SL, for all I know, those self-heals don’t exist anymore. There were a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the souls when SL came out, I’m now discovering.

For example, I leveled my original warrior a lot using the Paragon dual-wield soul. Now it’s not a dual-wield soul anymore. Now Paragon is a single-target soul and Champion is an AoE soul, and it doesn’t matter a whit whether you dual wield or use a two-hander. I’m only now discovering these SL soul changes because the first character I took from 50 to 60 was my mage, and I basically just went full Harbinger on that one because a) I liked it and b) it worked pretty dern well for soloing. So I never used any old souls during that time, and never ran into any of the changes.

Speaking of the new souls, none of the other Storm Legion soul changes look nearly as good as Harbinger, imo. Tempest for the warrior is mildly interesting, but I’ve never had any expectation of ranged damage from a warrior. Defiler for the cleric looks like it might work similar to Chloromancer, but I haven’t had a chance to really look at it yet. Tactician for the rogue just doesn’t interest me, as it’s a support soul.

On another note, rumor has it that in Rift 3.0, new souls will be added so that each class can perform all four roles. So, I assume, they will be adding a mage tanking soul, a warrior healing soul, a cleric support soul, and a rogue healing soul. I have to say that being able to tank with my mage would be uber cool. I suspect it won’t be the best tanking soul, though, and only useful for PUG dungeons.

A Game’s Most Important Features


All this hubbub over the Neverwinter cats and the 7-hour rollback has got me thinking something I’ve believed for a while.

It seems to me that the most important thing that an MMO developer should focus on during their game development is … not the game at all. They need to focus on logging and tracking functionality. They need to focus on being able to “undo” any item in the system. They need to be able to rollback individual characters, and in so doing, rollback all of the transactions that character has done in that time frame, which means they need a complete transaction history for each item. (Perhaps only keep such transactions for blue or purple items, common items aren’t important enough.) They need to be able to see alerts whenever unusual activity occurs. They need to see when a character’s gold increases dramatically over the course of a day. They need an automatic freeze on any character who receives more than a set amount of gold, so that someone can manually investigate it. Someone needs to be sitting in front of a big monitor with realtime alerts on it, showing a big map of the game world, with blinking red dots everywhere there’s suspicious activity.

So basically I’m saying that the dev team needs to spend 75% of their time working on countermeasures for cheaters, and only 25% of their time on making a fun game.