MMORPG Micro-Reviews

Being a little bored of Guild Wars 2, Tera, and Rift, I went looking on’s list of games sorted by rating for free-to-play MMOs I haven’t played yet. These reviews are first impressions having played less than an hour of each.

Wizardry Online – Ridiculously old-school and very slow-moving. Supposed to be really hard, but in the beginning it’s just hard to have fun. The writers clearly aren’t native English-speakers. Surprised that Sony’s name is on this.

Path of Exile – Basically Diablo with extra bells and whistles to make it more complicated. Looks and feels nice, but not the kind of MMO I’m interested in.

Fallen Earth – Kind of old now but I never played it. Now I know why. Graphics are straight from the 1990s and the controls feel terrible. No need to continue playing this.

Guess I’ll go back to GW2, boring or not.

UPDATE: Forsaken World – Kind of cartoonish-looking, but since it doesn’t have an “invert mouse” setting, there’s no point in exploring it further.